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Female with a problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Saphire, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. JEEZ, just realizes the opening that post heading gives you lot ..:eek:hno:

    OH Well now that you're here maybe you can help.

    PROBLEM .. took out starter relay on FZR1000 (87) .. drew a diagram of wiring connections so that I could put it back the way it came off, ... went to various places looking for new one, (can't be had unless I order one,) Now I can't find the diagram .. 8-[

    OK, I'll just sit back and wait til you all recover from the laughing fit :rofl:..

    You right now ..??? GOOD,.. can ANYONE help with the way I rewire it, OR is it one of the Non Polarity ones (Hitachi Model # 12v A104-133)
    thanks in advance guys.
  2. When doesn't a female have a problem? :grin:

    - sorry, can't help you -
  3. Been there, done that. Though usually I don't bother with diagrams and just try and rely on memory - doesn't work so well some of the time :facepalm: .

    With any luck someone with a similar bike might be able to take a photo (think there's also a FZR1000 forum somewhere that might also be useful). I don't really recommend my method of just trying different combinations till something works (unless you have a plentiful supply of spare fuses ;)).
  4. A generic relay from repco should be fine. Just check the current of the main circuit. Starter motors draw a lot of current.

    There should be a diagram on the side. The big leads go to the main terminals. It doesn't matter which way around.

    The wires from the switch block go to the smaller terminals. Once again it doesn't matter too much.
  5. :google:'d it but nothing like what I need..
    Will keep tryin', will go haunt the recommended site (above post) for a while ..LOT'S of pages ](*,)
  6. It seems the German manual is easy to get, English on the other hand...
  7. bring it to mogo, and i shall fix it for you.
    it may be a long way, but i guarantee it will be fixed :grin:
  8. Don't temp me, the way things are going, (It WAS running like a dream mind you) I may just take you up on that, .. Shouldn't be TOO hard to find, just had a GoogleEarth at it (MOGO) Whats there,??? 4 Houses, a General store and a MoonShine still ??
    (Must be honest and say that I thought you were having a lend of me,with MOGO ..)

    Seriously thinking of giving a GOOD Yam Mechanic or Someone that KNOWS them (Yamaha's) REAL GOOD, the bike and a couple of grand and say, give it back when its better ..

  9. we have a population of over 500!! biiiig town :grin:
    i live here, because i prefer to live in stealth mode ;)
    we have a petrol station, a beer shop, about 30 little boutique-hippy-arty shops, and 4 cafe/restaurants.
    i love mogo, its the proximity to the evilness of batemans bay that i dont like.
  10. Post a photo of the relay, we'll be able to tell you what else will work. All that really matters is teh layout of the terminals on teh relay, the shape of teh relay (within reason) doesn't matter much.
    As an example, my GTR is currently using a GSXR 1000 starter relay (it's what the wreckers had that was the same).......

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. You should be a member here, or a lurker.


    I've got an '88 one. can pm you a pic if you're stuck.

    Won't be able to take pic till Sat though 'cause of being at work during daylight hours.

    Congrats on a great bike. Had mine from new.
  12. Serious Query.

    I am being quite serious with the following statement/request my friends: ..
    At the moment this post is a query as to IF it's possible, Depends on Response's I' spose. .. OR would it be better to repost in a new forum ??

    Is there/does ANYONE know of someone COMPETENT in Yamaha FZR1000R, Fault Finding,Rectifying, Repairs, Tune, Someone I could basically give the bike to , give them a budget, and an Open timetable of 6 months or so, (??) (Cash up front IF Well Known in here (NetRider) as Reliable ) and say .. let me know when I can hit the road SAFELY .. Would prefer in Nth Qld, BUT, thats NOT a Prime Requirement, Anywhere I can get the bike to ..

    I'm talking Many,Many in fact MANY More miles all over Australia, sort of, if I see a road and it looks interesting, .. head off up it..

    Think it over, you MAY know someone, It could even be YOU ..!!!
    Thanks in advance

  13. Mogo for the win! :D
  14. +1

    Better fire up the still Joel old son, 'nd send the kids out da back while you sort out da woman's problems.
  15. Nearly 4got

    Just about to head into another 36 hr shift, (NEARLY the LAST ) So, ..Bye for now, till Sunday p.m.

    Reference the above about someone for my FZR100R, I'll even sweeten the deal,...(NOW, NOW Boys, Keep you little minds above the navel...)
    I'll chuck in a just out of rego, Roadworthy, Goes FAST !!!, needs very minor cosmetics, 84 XJ900 FREE, GRATIS, For NOTHING... IF thats what it takes..

  16. Come on, guys.

    Surely someone knows a shop with a decent reputation up that way.

    A fellow netrider needs help.
  17. what else is wrong with your bike, if you need a 6 month timeframe, and a $2000+ budget? just the relay? :shock:
    or am i missing something here?

    and 36h shift?? :shock: :shock:
    what do you do, out of curiousity?

    go to Mogo, and Joel will be in Queyanbean or something :p
    the missus will be home though, so u can have a good yack about both your problems :p
  18. The zoo is gone?
  19. ..Just scammed a few minutes off.. ..Ain't wireless laptops wonderful...

    1/.6 months is the time I want to be able to hit the road, No Cares, No one to answer to, just me, the road, the stars.\:D/

    2/.Should have put "UP TO $2000", (used to paying $80an hour for mechanics in Nth Qld :tantrum: so: 10 hrs = $800, then theres cost of parts, Freight, incidentals, (Bottle of Jack?? ... It adds up before you know it..) .. Its not needing ALL that much but I like to OVER estimate, that way I don't get any suprises later on) .I would like everything that needs fixing, or is about to need fixing done ..besides I would like the bike so I can feel that it aint gonna let me down out in the middle of nowhere..

    3/.I am (Soon to be NOT) a public Servant. :-#

    I know this post probably seems like its from out of left field, BUT, I am Serious.. I want this bike to be my Last, (Until I win Lotto and get me a 'Busa :cool: