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Female wants to get her bike painted--not get ripped off!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by juicy_queen, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. I have recently purchased a 1999 Honda VTR250 in the colour red---

    problem is, I want it in black. Where is the best plact to get it painted for

    a good price? I've rung Mototec in Smithfield and they quoted me $700.

    Crow's Custom Paint quoted me $650. Can anyone help? I seriously didn't

    think it would be that expensive... :shock:
  2. $0, just accept that you have a red bike and i'll get everyone to tell you that red goes faster, then you will be happy!


  3. It will be that expensive wherever you go, I think
    I had my VFR done a couple of years ago and it cost $800 then. It's a very labour-intensive operation.

    You can rty Reback Racepaint in Canberra who I know are very reputable, but I think you'll find it might be cheaper to leave it red (anyway, red bikes go faster)
  4. Of course, us blokes don't mind getting ripped off...
  5. Re: Female wants to get her bike painted--not get ripped off

    OK... the spraypainter first has to sand the clearcoat off the entire surface to be painted by hand. Following that, an undercoat and several coats of lacquer and clearcoat each have to be applied, with polishing as required. The finished parts then have to be baked in an oven to cure the finish.

    All up, there's most of a day's work there.

    Besides it being red, is there anything wrong with the paintwork? If not, give up on the respray idea... undamaged secondhand bodywork is sufficiently rare to make repainting it just because you don't like the colour is, frankly, something only a wanker would do.

    The cheapest option might be to do a round of the wreckers, and offer them your red bodywork as a straight swap (with a bit of cash for their trouble) for whatever black bodywork they might have. If they ask for more than about $20 to swap the tank over and $10 for the front guard and the ducktail each, thank them for their time and tell them to go fcuk themselves up their money-grubbing arses.
  6. try hightech prestige body & bike in moorabbin (if you're in victoria, your profile doesn't say.) i've used them before and they did a great job for an excellent price.

    welcome to the forum :D
  7. Yeah,

    welcome to the forum, and love your handle!
    Can I suggest that you get red riding gear as well and leave the bike red?? Red bikes go faster and ladies in red go even faster, or so us poor sods with testosterone think!

    Smithfield is in Sydney, (?), why not pop around to the next Eastern Creek race meeting and have a chat to a few of the guys in the race teams and see if they have contacts in bodywork? They get their bikes painted and re-painted all the time.
  8. I can certainly understand wanting to change a bike colour. When I was shopping for a bike, I concidered some cheaper ones with aweful colour schemes with the idea that they'd still be cheaper with a $700 paint job.

    VTR250s look real nice in black. Especially that satin finish. You might be able to trade your red one for a black one cheaper.

    Though since it's a 250, it might not be worth it if you're going to trade up to a bigger bike further down the track.

    Actually I saw a bike at a dealer's on the weekend that had been hand painted black with what looked like house paint. I mean everything but the lights. Even the windshield was painted black, with a large ornate dragon door knocker mounted on it. On the back was a pole with a skull with a light inside. I had a good laugh. It was a goth biker's dream bike. :LOL:
  9. That price sounds right. When I was buying my spada there were cheaper red ones on the market, but I specifically didn't want a red one, so I called around to see what re-colouring would cost. It wasn't economically viable. I was very surprised at the cost, considering it's a naked bike.

    Fortune came my way and I got what I wanted in the end, at a reasonable price anyway.

    So perhaps it's meant-to-be that you have a red bike?

  10. It's a nightmare, don't bother.

    To get it done 'right' it would cost you a hell of a lot more than $700, try about $2000.
  11. Try A1 motorcyles at Kogorah. i got a quote recently and it wan't much more for a full faired bike.

    I can't recomend however, as I didn't go through with it.

    Just as a note, it costs about $400 a panel to do a car. So there's no way our going to get a tank and a few small bits done for less than that.

    Keep in mind that an ordinary job will be picked up by the next buyer and will be seen as evidence of an accident
  12. how can it be 'meant to be' when it's a proven fact that black look sexier? :p
  13. Re: Female wants to get her bike painted--not get ripped off

    I have an idea, SELL IT!!

    Then go and buy a black one!! ;-)
  14. yeah, i wanted a sexy black bike, then i found something sexier - Charcoal, it's almonst black!!
    I love it! It's a little bit different, not like the 'common' black bike...

    :p hehehe
  15. what area do you live I know someone at Seaford who is reasonable
  16. Step aside greg...watch this....

    You know, that red bike...it really brings out the colour and depth of your eyes.

    There, that should do it.......
  17. Hey JQ,

    Welcome to the forum :) I'm with Matt and Greg of this one, your'e probably best sticking with what you've got especially if there is nothing wrong with your bike.

    However, it sucks paying lots for something you don't like so I would suggest that you firsy give yourself time to "bond" with your bike and if you're still not happy in a few months then consider your options again.

    When I got my bike I didn't particularly like its colours (yellow and black) but now I wouldn't dream of changing it :)
  18. $2000 is someone quoting out there arse. I know a spraypainter and Bikes as compared to cars are much cheaper. You can get a basic respray done on a car for $2000. My mate just got his ENTIRE car done in PEARL WHITE, it took 8 full coats to get it right and only costs him $3000 and it looks HOT!!!

    A car has a MUCH greater surface area to be rubbed back to bare metal, primed, sprayed, sprayed again, and again and clear coated. It also needs to be taped up where your not spraying (all windows and sills, door locks, hinges, engine bay etc.)

    It's much easier on a bike. You take off the fairings(if present) and petrol tank, duck tail and whatever else is being painted. You can then simply put these on the floor of the booth or whatever device the sprayer uses to hold them. Only taping need is the petrol cap and fuel hose plugs.

    That's why getting a car body kit painted if much cheaper then painted, say, all the doors.

  19. Matt, you are a true genius :LOL:

  20. Maybe, let's see if it WORKS first :LOL: :LOL: