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Female Stunt Bike Rider Wanted For Movie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BNESO, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Hey Peeps,
    My friend who is making a big action film right here in melbourne is on the hunt for a female stunt bike rider for his film, if anyone can live up to the challenge drop a comment and ill be in touch looking for someone who can wheelie really well and endo. Role in the film is for a female villian so you will get the chance to be seen on the big screen doing what you do best and be working around alot of american celebs.

  2. Hey Im Perty in a wig!! :---)

    Do you know what the film is called?
  3. whats the film called?
  4. Torque 2

  5. sounds hot. i've done three wheelies before... does that count? lol
  6. Please email me at j-rad@cunningstunts.com I can potentially pass you onto a pretty hot looking blonde who has been attending StuntSkills for sometime.....depending on the skills needed she'd probably go quite well....

    Either that or we have 7 guys who could all wear wigs, shave their legs and wear a skirt :D They don't call us team StunningC Ops I mean Cunningstunts for nuffin :D

  7. Jrad would make a hot chik in a wig ( if you drank 2 bottles of bourbon first )

    Hey you can pass me on to that pretty blonde if you want --
  8. Leah Peterson isn't available? :p
  9. The Film is called The Message will start shooting end of dec
  10. Full leathers, tinted visor, a bit of stuffing and anyone can look female or a burqua
  11. Nah m8 its this one here - John Doe (2011)
    aka "The Message" - Australia (original script title)


    casting is only being organised now but i can confirm a few actors and actresses
  12. Just sent this thread to mars :) She may be keen
  13. Thanks alot the response has been so overwhelming we are closing in :)
  14. I would contact Mars. She can ride better than most guys.
  15. + 1000 , Mars is awesome !!
  16. they are gettin an american girl, awesome
  17. Oh... is it Leah? She is one attractive stunter.
  18. I was gonna pipe up with Mars too... to late.