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Female Sexual Desire

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Hey all;

    I've got a friend doing a doctoral research study on female sexual desire and what triggers it. In order to have material to research and what not she needs data from a random sample, i.e. the public. This is in the form of an anonymous survey, to be completed by heterosexual females in relationships. The survey and full explanation of it can be found here:


    Just a side note, this research has had several plugs in local newspapers and recently the herald sun. The herald sun been the fcuking incompetent retards they are completely twisted and misconstrue the research something fierce and now my friend is been flamed on the HS news website, so if you have read those articles (page 34 in today's HS too), completely ignore them and read the real deal here.

    To the girls; if you in reading off-topic, you can spare 15minutes to complete it.
    To the boys with girls: please tell your missus's, because it might get her in the mood reading about sex for 15 minutes.

    cheers all

  2. can you publish the results to netrider?

    it might come in handy. :LOL:
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  4. I trigger it

    i think its the Mo. Research over
  5. ...waits for Vic to post offering his assistance with any women needing help sating their sexual desire...
  6. dont let that get to you, media outlets ALWAYS put a different spin on tests. whether its crash stats, the latest dietary health findings or anything you can think of, the media always puts a spin on it to attract attention, rather than to accurately portray results.

    in health studies especially, thats why we end up with so many nonsense articles "saturated fats are bad for your health", "carbs make you fat".....etc etc, which completely misuse the original studies
  7. After 35 years of marriage come next week, I think I know the answers I need to know....
  8. "Yes, dear." ?
  9. :LOL:

    You forgot

    "I'm Sorry"

    The only four words a bloke needs to know :LOL:.
  10. Yes dear, no dear, three bags full dear? :LOL:
  11. see above, and, yes, them too :LOL:.
  12. Hey all;

    thanks for those that have completed the survey for Denisa, however i wouldn't have a clue if you have or not, i'm not even sure when she gets the results, i just gave her a plug on here to get more results. She wanted to go to Sexpo to do the survey also but couldn't for some reason or another...

    i spoke to her this afternoon about the herald sun plug, yes it was good to have the survey linked, but they haven't exactly explained how the survey was aimed etc. Anyway, like was said the full details are on the survey cover page. It's just standard media spin to get attention, but hey, the story was most popular today on the HS site... thats always a bonus, any publicity is good publicity.

    as for the results, i think everyone that has done this survey or heard of it wants the results!! i'm not sure when the results would be published, i'll ask for you and say when, and most likely post it also...

  13. That's on the first page - so if you wanna know, yer hafta do the survey :p
  14. bugger, looks like I can't do it... :?
  15. nah, seems I am not eligible either.