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Female Rider - needs help!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Technik, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone

    I have recently just acquired a '07 Kawasaki GPX250, at the moment I am sharing it with my wife as both of us are on L.

    We went for a ride today around the carpark, she nearly dropped the bike as she was struggling to reach the floor on a emegerency stop.

    She is around 158cm and her feet just barely touch the floor when standing still. What is the best technique for short/female rider to avoid the bike being dropped?

    I was thinking to replace the factory seat to a thinner one, but I have no idea where to get one?! Another method is to reduce the tire pressure on both wheels, it should lower the seat height. But then again it'd upset the handling and tires wear. :(

    Any help is appreciated. :oops:

  2. Lower the suspension?
    Build the strenght up in her legs?
    let her ride it more for her to become comfortable with emergency stops with one foot?
    Does she wear boots? not platform but maybe a little bit more then a work boot.
  3. Re: Female Rider - need help!

    Maybe try a Kawka dealer or some local wreckers ?
    Or if no thinner model available, maybe get the seat sculptured / customised ?
    Try google or your state's yellow pages etc.
    Could also try a cobbler/shoe repairer to see if they can add an extra layer or similiar to build up the soles of her boots.
  4. Don't let pressure out of the tyres! Not a good idea.
    The suspension can be adjusted, both front and rear. Talk to a Kawasaki dealer or a good bike shop about it first.

    Practise normal stops until the technique is right. 1 RH Setup, squeeze, 2 LH clutch in, 3 LF tap the gear lever down, 4 RF on the rear brake, 5 LF goes to ground to balance the bike, but not too early. In an E-stop you forget the tapping, changing down the gears. Look at the horizon..not just in front of the bike. You probably know that already.

    Also, he bike is more stable when travelling a little faster, So try to do those turns wider, but faster first. Then try slowing down and doing them sharper.
  5. try avoiding lowering hte suspension. sounds easy but it takes a lot of effort and preciseness to get the correct ride back. to jsut lower the back changes the geometry of the bike and the way it steers, if the back is lowered then the front needs to be equally as well.

    you are better to take the seat to an auto trimmer and have then both trim the thickness and maybe if possible narrow the seat width a little. the closer the wife can get her thighs together the further she can reach also.

    my partner is also 158cm tall. the vtr allows her jsut to be on her balls of her feet. the rest is then her strength.

    recommend highly that you get some oggy knobs. 150 bucks there abouts is a better investment than a scratched tank.

    good luck and happy riding.
  6. twoguns...don't know why you say try to avoid it. It is the proper solution. It is also a non premanent solution. If you mod the seat and it's done poorly you end up needing to buy a new one. It is not for the home mechanic...I did recommend a mc shop.

    But I do agree about hte Oggy knobs.
  7. because i have seen so many where they have lowered the bike, and it rides like a pig. unstable. gets corner wobbles. wants to dive in/or run wide. then the women come off. thats why.

    i know when i was looking for hte right bike for my partner i came across many that had been lowered for female riders. the all rode like crap compared to a normal set bike of the same. i became very sure that when i tested one that had been lowered i rode same that hadnt to compare.

    bikes are set up with specific geometry... start messing with that and then you need to be sure of what you are doing or your in for a ride!

    sure it can be done correctly, and its not always simple needing brackets made or holes drilled for the rear. jsut adjsuting the rear shock and then dropping front forks thru is not recommended by many.

    for hte effort for a few centermeters the seat option is a lot better. or find the right bike in the first place.
  8. On the GTR, my feet barely touch the ground IF I try to have both feet down at the same time.
    Seriously, if she can flat foot one leg comfortably standing still, she should be fine.

    Regards, Andrew.

  9. absolutely true andrew. a lot of time you will notice your partner trying to put both feet down, Leon. but practise focusing on one, and also being aware fo hte road surface so as to know which side to put down. we did this for my partner.
  10. Thanks twoguns. At least you admit, that lowering can be done successly..even if you don't like it. I'll admit if not done properly it does suck.

  11. no worries ron.

    agreed that it can be done. jsut from all i ve seen and experienced i have found it a less than adequate outcome to down right un safe.

  12. I'll do your suspension. :)
    I have no knowledge on anything like it but i know how a bike should ride and be set up for the weight of people, i've done suspension before and the feedback i've gotta is A+++.
  13. im with andrew.

    i probably dont get two feet flat on the ground on my bike. but i know that i only need one on the ground to hold her up.
    maybe your wife just wasnt quite sure what to expect.
    take all precautionary measures including crash knobs if you are concerned for the cosmetics and just let her have some quiet time to get to know the bike with no pressure :)

    most people have a minor oopsie when learning so dont scald yourself or her if either of you drops it ;)
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  15. 70s style platform shoes?
  16. thanks for the replies. :grin: She wears boots but definitely not those 70s platforms! :shock:

    Given that it is a brand new bike, I was thinking the springs probably need to wear-in. Hopefully it should lower the ride a bit, might wait for a couple of weeks and see how it goes...
  17. sorry mate. springs dont wear in that simply. your bike is built to last a quite bit longer than that, i would hope. :cool:
  18. Hey congrats on a brand new bike!

    ... you almost learned the exact reason why most folk in here don't recommend a brand newy for a total newbie! :LOL:

    The ultimate answer is get another bike with the right seat height!...

    On the GPX front though, a clapped out GPX's suspension might sag over a loooooong time or hard life, but then you wouldn't want to ride it!! (some insensitive Kwaka bashers would argue the suspension comes out of the factory clapped out... :LOL:)

    A properly lowered bike MAINTAINING correct geometry is probably the right answer in your case... but a word of warning... GPX suspenders compress readily under spirited cornering loads and decking the pegs is not hard to do... and will be MUCH easier with a lowered bike. Think well before going down this road!

    If your better half can get one foot on the ground with the bike mostly vertical, then maybe get the seat SIDES shaved - that way her legs aren't as splayed while on the bike... often that's enough to help with the feet on the ground.

    As a past GPX rider, I hold the bike with some fondness... BUT NOT THE SEAT. I pity yo asses - there's barely enough comfort in the seat as it is... shaving more foam off is going to lead to numb bum city!!

    Good luck bro.
  19. http://www.nebcom.com/noemi/moto/sbl.faq.html

    This site has information about techniques for short riders. I'm 162cm and 60kg, and I manage to ride my CB250N, which is an inch or two taller than the newer CB250's, and about 180kg. I can't flat foot, but I don't have any trouble stopping on hills, changing feet etc. It also means my legs aren't quite as bent while I'm riding, and I find it quite comfortable.

    I do need to adjust the rear brake a bit though - it works fine, but I have to put a lot of weight on it, which makes slow speed control a bit tricky.
  20. [​IMG]
    Just get a lower bike --- simple! :cool: