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Female race talent now taking applications!!!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Dawn, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. I need a sugar daddy to support my new racing habit :p
    minimum requirements:

    New 600
    a Van
    Unlimited Credit card
    Tyre changing machine and wheel Balancer
    Access to wholesale prices with Pirelli or Michelin
    Provision of experienced pit crew, team manager, mechanics or masseur will guarantee employment!!!

    All Applicant MUST provide naked photos and gay male applicants are encouraged to apply :smileysex:
  2. If it was that easy, we would all do it. I have been in the sport for 30 years, and have hardly met any poofs, so you are out of luck there. what club are you in?
  3. :grin:
    No club yet... Going to wait until the new 600 arrives. I feel the 954 submarine is only fun at PI. Cornering is so much effort at the smaller tracks and going fast in straight lines has never done it for me.

    Since you're a vetran track star, could you recommend a good club? :)
  4. Yes of course. Where roughly do you live?
  5. Nope sorry to all. I guess I'm just not your type.
  6. Currently renting in Essendon, but thinking of moving east.
  7. Good. you are in melb, can I send info as pm?
  8. Sugar Daddy

    Well that sure is an interesting way to get sponsors. Usually they ask for race results, lap times, then they keep an eye on you for a few races, so you put in a bit more effort. A few weeks later the manager of the company approaches you and says he is really impressed and wants to organise something for next year, till then you can have wholesale prices on tires to help you out. As thing go, the company loses their tire contract and the whole deal falls through leaving you with no sponsor and no $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to continue racing. So then you have to decide if its appropriate to sell your virginity on ebay in the hope that it will fetch enough money to buy a new set of handgrips which got ripped the last time you crashed, or just call it a day and wonder what might have been.!
    Thats the reality of it anyway. But hey you never know.

    I have a 600, its not new tho.
    Access to a van,
    My credit card has a limit
    and im not gay.

  9. Im sure if you know a good club you can just say so here ? But go ahead if you want to PM

    Thanks, I'll be keeping an eye on you. But dont call us, we'll call you :grin:
  10. PM coming re racing clubs
  11. I've been told that I ride like a girl, maybe I can get some of this action? Will do favour's for sponsor with the right package :wink: :LOL:
  12. Ooooh Ooooh! Oooooh!

    Pick me, pick me!

  13. Wrong package :LOL:
  14. Jhonny O you are a slut
  15. Mmmmm. maybe
  16. Hey I'm a dam good masseur I didn't see that requirement! :cool:
  17. Help me to ride as fast as you, and we can discuss sharing the perks :wink:
  18. See other requirement:
  19. Interesting. I was speaking with John R from Eagle Screens of WA whilst at the WSBK PI and he mentioned an emerging race category for ladies in NSW and possibly WA. I believe this conversation began when a young TigerAngel paid me an impromptu visit at the Island Summit Club.
    As far as I recall I understood he was involved in sponsoring this to some degree. Perhaps if becomes aware of your good form he may be interested. He also mentioned having sponsored Brian Staring (now Teknic Honda) in his early days.
    Good luck with your racing.