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female or small-sized boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jorrgo, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. I am still yet to find a decent pair of riding boots that provide adequate protection, will fit my size 5.5-6 feet (female AU), are comfortable to walk in, and don't look ridiculous! Can anyone help?

    (At the moment I'm riding in hightop sneakers nike AF1's as they are the only type of shoe i have that even covers my ankle.)
  2. get into Peter Stevens or AMX and try some boots on!! Dont risk your ankles/feet
  3. I've been into Peter Stevens ringwood, and AMX in bayswater and had no luck :(
  4. Bike Mart in Ringwood (beside A1) have a good range of boots and a separate womens section. Worth a look.
  5. I got EU 36 (roughly 5.5-6) alpine stars from AMX in Keilor. THey were the only ones that would fit me that weren't too bad.

    I don't have any problems walking around in them. In fact spent the whole day a work with them on one day when I dropped the bike off for service and forgot to pack some shoes.
  6. You can also try Metro Honda/Ducati in Ringwood. They normally have a decent range of gear and Brian knows what he's talking about.

  7. I have 4 pairs of boots for riding, my foot is size 6...
    Got these online.. http://www.formaracing.com.au/diamond.html
    I emailed the seller to discuss sizing, we decided on size 37, they fit fine. In hindsight, 36 would have also been fine. I like em. Good boots, good seller, good price.

    I also have a pair of Falco, and two pairs of HD boots... the HD are ride appropriate, but less protective then the bike specific boots...but I like them most as they have a good heel height. The forma and falcos are for track days generally... or if I'm in leather.

    I know what it's like in the shops with limited sizing. With research it is possible to get them online. In fact three of the four pairs were bought online, all great...
  8. Nice! I hadn't heard of forma or falco, they have some nice ones I like :D
    Also found some nice TCX ones I am thinking of!
  9. Love my Icon Hella boots, as I am a short a*se the wedge heel is wonderful. Icon used to do a longer boot called bombshell but I think they are not making them anymore? There may be some still around though, they do come in a size 5 and 5.5, Harley also have a version called Laura.
  10. No wonder you havnt had luck at Peter Stevens. I went in there looking to buy boots and some dip shit child with a stupid hair style couldnt even tell me anything about anything. He bullshitted his way through the conversation by repeating what I had said in different words or stating the obvious.

    I knew more than him, and thats only because I spent about 5 minutes at Mars leather before i went in there. I knew nothing before going in to Peter Stevens yet somehow this guy knew even less than me?
  11. I'm seriously considering getting the Icon Hella boots, but am a bit hesitant because of the heel... how stable is it? easy to walk and get around in?
  12. Yep really great and could walk around in them all day.