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Female only track coaching?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, May 10, 2012.

  1. Just thought I'd put it out there, I average half a dozen riders for coaching at each of Champions Ride Days; all males. I was wondering if there was interest out there for an 'all girls' group for coaching at a Champions Day?

    If I get a show of interest from a few (probably only need four or five to make it happen) I'll put it to the boss.

    I have coached female riders before; I think to good effect. Females are good to teach as they listen to your words and respond correctly.
  2. so you are saying that women 'do as they are told'? hmmm opening a can of worms there ! lol
  3. Ha ha, I'm NOT saying that, They are just more responsive?
  4. reckon it's a good thing, some women might feel intimidated having guys on the track [till they get confident]
    good luck with it..
  5. They would still be on the track with some guys, pending the experience of the ladies we can pick which speed group to go in, they would only have female students in the classroom sessions though.

    I am confident that, as with the males, they will be the fastest in the group by the end of the day.
  6. What level of experience would you suggest before doing this sort of thing?
  7. naaaaahhh we aren't making the sammiches

    I'm sure plenty of girls would be interested Johnny. Great idea. Not me...I'm not up to that.
  8. Go Aly, reckon you'd blitz it!!
  9. I think someone that has got to a relatively good level on the road, someone that is not scared to use full throttle in the bikes power-band (about 10,000 rpm on a sport 600), in a safe environment. "Safe environment"? Read - a clear, straight country road with no cops or driveways.

    If you go riding in a sportbike group and you keep up, that's enough.

    I think a minimum of a 400cc bike is required, for riders on smaller bikes than that, half of what you teach goes out the window when you jump on a larger bike. If you want to sport ride (means ride fast) you will get a larger bike, so wait until then.
  10. Wow! way to alienate your audience.
  11. I just did my first track day yesterday. Unfortunately for me I was overthinking everything, and was more concerned about the what if's rather than focusing on the track for the most part. I decided I had more to lose if either I or another rider made any mistakes on the track. Really didn't want to bin my 4 month old pride and joy. If i do any more I'd prefer to have a cheap tracky. A girls only group would be nice, but sort of defeats the purpose by putting them on the track with the guys. I have no issue in sitting in a classroom with a bunch of men. Another however is the guidelines so far. I definitely feel alienated by this, I would be happy with a bike over 400cc's but It's more the confidence in rev's that concern me straight up. I'm happy to go faster on the open road, but again have the doubts playing on my mind, and anyone can go fast in a straight line. Then again I've only been riding for two years, so maybe I'm not your target audience. I just did some advanced training last week, maybe I'll just stick to training over track days for now. Cheers

    Edited to add...... I just googled champion track day, and it seem the coaching (which is what you are offering) sounds like something I would be more interested in. Yesterday was a normal track day at Wakefield park, and I was in Novice, but a few were undertaking, despite the fact were were told strictly no undertaking, especially in the tighter turns. So as that happened a few times it threw my line off and I got the shits. I had the courtesy to overtake nicely when I came up behind a particularly slow rider. Anyway as I said I weighed up the pros and cons and the cons weighed more... (not for fear of my safety, more fear of binning the bike, my very first brand new vehicle of any kind in my whole life...so, no thanks)
  12. Once you can get out of a girls head that riding is not so much a physical thing when you use all the controls they are great to teach.
    They do listen. And sorry but usually are more technically correct as they have to be because they cant always use brute force to cover a mistake.
    In the negative corner the majority tend to take a further backward step when trying to leap a hurdle and fail than guys do.
    Not that the guy will achieve the goal any quicker by jumping strait back on and once again trying to ham fist it around. A girl will take it more personally. She will feel more inept. The guy will blame the bike lol.
    I guess to I am a misogynistic pig and am always surprised when I get a girl who is a really good rider or student
  13. Bretto31 - I agree there are differences between how a female thinks verses a male; I'm not saying one is any better than the other but even in the classroom the approach to teaching is different, hence my offer of running sole classroom sessions.

    SevenSins - No one wants to bin their 'pride & joy'; with the right input & feedback from a professonal instructor, you wont.

    I've been instructing on motorcycle race tracks since 1984; there are many people out there that are reluctant to use the full power of their bike; trust me the 'safest' place to make up time & distance on other riders is on the straight; to try and corner faster is more risky!

    I have riders come up to me at school and say "Hey Johnny, I want to improve my lap times, can you teach better lines, how to brake later"; but when we get out on the track they are only half peak power rpm & three quarter throttle down the straights!!!!! Sort out that issue first and you'll find seconds without binning your bike or being a mobile chicane for the rest of the riders!

    The being said, that point makes up about 1% of what I teach in a day.
  14. hahaha.. yesterday I blamed my boots for a few false gear changes (not my day to day riding boots), I soon had to admit to myself that it wasn't the equipment, it was me, my technique and my lack of confidence for some of it... But in the arvo when I was beating myself up over it, my friends hubby said I should feel some sense of achievement that I ever went on a track at all, as many in their life never do...
  15. As you are proposing specific instruction then this is something I would be interested in....yesterday I thought I could put all the advanced training instruction I received last week into practice on the track. I did to a degree, but with all the risk factors (riders not taking notice of the rules etc/ my own psychological limitations) I only did 3 and 1/4 sessions.

    However at the advanced training last week I really enjoyed it and got a lot from it and really challenged myself... I am looking at doing MORE...
  16. I agree riders must respect each other out on the track, I rarely see much disrespect at Champions days, ocassionally I might see someone go underneith another rider but at those times the slower rider was very slow and at the outside of the corner; while I don't condone it, it can happen safely .... remembering everyone out there in the novice class is a novice; they too are having concentration overload ;-)

    Yeh 'well done for getting on the track' I think that is an achievement in itself for anyone's first track day, I remember mine, god I was excited & shitting bricks lol, well done :)
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  17. If your thinking of mez...the girls track day(one in July) is fantastic for girls at any level or experience... Organized by female racers, less intimidating environment, no pressure and loads of fun...girls on the track from 18-60, learners to pro, 125 to race bikes..

    Just a thought
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  18. Sounds great. Thanks chicken.
  19. Damn !!

    Would've been interested in this now I have the Aprilia ...

    BUT :(

    The Gixxer got confiscated ..

    No track bike for me :(

    unless I find me sumfink else :-s
  20. I would definitely be interested but have a long way to go in terms of experience before trying track days :p Maybe in 2 years time, I'll contact you! :) Great idea though! Thanks for considering it.