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Female noob slinking in the shadows...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RavenWolfe, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Was waiting for the day that I took my first bike lesson before I posted anything on this site…. And finally had my first lesson on the weekend. I wasn’t sure if I would like riding but I LOVED it!!! :D :D (Thanks to the guys at MTA who made the experience so much better! :p ) I’m going for my Learners in another week (oh no, another idiot on the road!?! :shock: ), but at the moment all I want to do is get on a bike & practice!!! Unfortunately, the only person I know who has a bike happens to have a 1200cc that he will not let me near, not that I blame him…
    I am after a little information about trying to find a decent second-hand 250 for a reasonable price. Being a uni student, I’m in no position to go out & buy a new bike or even a second-hand bike over $2000. I’m not sure if anyone can steer me in the right direction. I have been told that either a Kawasaki GPX250 or a Honda VT250 would be a good beginners bike. But then, I have been told that so many different bikes are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for numerous reasons, that I am not really sure what I’m after! :? I know what I ‘like’, but ‘liking’ a bike & ‘riding’ a bike are two completely different things.
    Also wondering if anyone knows of any places that let you hire a bike for a couple of hours to practice on without actually taking a 'Learner’s Course'…
    Hmmmmmm… Not sure what else to ask or write/type, so I’ll leave it as is for the minute. :)
    Thanks to anyone who was bored enough to take the time to read this!! <grin> :p
    And thanks for this site; so far, it has been rather helpful!

  2. Hi RavenWolfe , welcome to netrider and the wonderfull world of riding . :D :D
  3. Hi RavenWolfe
    Heaps of people in this forum are relatively new riders, and if you check out the personal info in the sidebars you will be able to see who rides the same bike(s) as you'd like to have. Send the person a PM and you'll get a response, PLUS there are any number of people who ask these questions every week, and a whole heap of people with really helpful answers. Check out the old threads in the appropriate area too.
    Welcome and on with the madness!
  4. Yeah, I was bored enough :) TV is terrible tonight.

    Congratulations, and welcome. Good luck finding the bike that's right for you. Plenty of advice here. Some of it is even worth listening to!
  5. Yeah, wellcome.

    My advice - GET YOUR SELF A BIKE :D

    And ofcourse, come to coffee!

    Beat you again Groberts!!!
  6. From memory you have to clock up 5 posts before the PM function works on here.
  7. well, she replied to mine ok so I guess you can still reply to pms with only one post :p

    A public welcome to you :)
  8. You are both correct.
  9. Chairman wrote
    :shock: How can you say that Mark , the cricket is on . Oh , and the score is 4-268 :p :p .
  10. Hi RavenWolfe, welcome to the world of bikes and good luck in finding the right one for yourself soon. Also great choice of name.
  11. hi there, i've been riding for 2 weeks now

    i got a honda cb250. very easy to learn on and reliable. i don't know what you can get for $2000 though. be careful though cause a cheap bike may be in poor mechanical shape.......thus dangerous. whatever you get just make sure its in good shape, don't worry too much about the km on it cause alotta bikes are still good with alotta kms on the clock.

    plus please get the best protective gear you can get!
  12. Hey RW. Welcome to the Forums. You'll like it here. Somehow, they managed to keep me around... :D
  13. Hey, RW, wlecome.
    Hear everything, believe nothing and you'll be fairly safe around here.
    Use the search function and look for the thread on what to look for buying a bike, it's very helpful.
    Either that or con one of the guys into going looking with you!
    We're a friendly lot in here.
  14. Hey RW,
    Welcome to the woderful world of riding :) My first bike was under $1000- a Yamaha SRX 250 ..erm, dont think I would recommend it though! I believe you would have a good chance of finding a resonable GPX 250 in your price range..pretty sure the VT250's are more exxy. I had a ZZR 250 which was a GPX engine..had a great time on it! :D
  15. Welcome aboard RavenWolfe.

    If you're after a bit of practice talk to HART (Tullamarine and Keysborough I think), they offer 90 minute practice sessions for about $65 I believe. Check out http://www.hartridertraining.com.au/
  16. hi, and welcome to the boards, i too am still a relatively new rider, and one thing everyone normally says (which hasn't been posted yet) is buy you riding gear first and then what ever money you have left over, start looking at the bike.

    Anyway keep us update on your progress

    cheers stewy
  17. Welcome to the world of madness that is known as netrider.
    I myself are in the slow process of paying off my gsf250 Bandit \:D/ and evenually going for my l's.

    I hate waiting :(
  18. Hi RW, welcome!

    Feel free to come out of the shadows - we don't bite! (Most of us, anyway...) :LOL:

    If you want to look at a few different bikes and talk to their owners, come along to Friday night coffee at Southbank. :)
  19. The VT250 was a fun little bike, but it had a weakness in that the cam chain tensioner failed, with catastrophic results. This can be cured before it happens (change for VF400 tensioner - I think) but it's a $400+ job if done by a professional.
    If you do buy one, make sure it has no ticking sounds coming from the motor while idling.
    The update model, the Spada, had this problem fixed.
    Good luck with your search and your test. :)
  20. Hi there :).

    Don't forget to budget around $1000 for things like a helmet, jacket, gloves, pants (leather, jeans, synthetics), boots and I would recommend getting a back protector.

    After you have the gear then you should be looking for a bike. Don't be mistaken in thinking that you'll get by with out it, a small accident could have you in hospital rather than just a bit bruised if you skimp on saftey.

    Now that I've gotten that over with, have a great time and enjoy it as much as you can.