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Female Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by kazbat, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    My name is Karen from Brisbane.

    I am new to riding and new to the site. I made the BIG mistake of commenting on one of the forum topics before coming to the Welcome Lounge and was sternly told so, so here I am. Took me a while to find it.

    Just saying "hi" but also thanks to those who directed me to the lounge.

  2. Hi Kazbat.
  3. Hi Caz. Great reading on the site for newbies. Hopefully will learn heaps and be able to put it all into practice.
  4. Yep it is also great to meet other riders from your area if you want to go on group rides.
  5. Welcome Kazbat

    Hope you have a lot of fun both here and out on the roads
  6. Hey fellow Brisbane resident!
    There are a few of us on here, so make sure to check out the rides section and/or make your own.

    Don't forget to post up some details of what bike you ride and what side of Bris you are from (north, south or west).
  7. Welcome Kaz
    Don't be afraid to post :nailbiting: Some bark louder than Bite :rofl:
    it's just coz they want to know all about you (y)
    What bike do you ride ?
  8. Welcome Kazbat, and apologies if I jumped a bit hard in the other thread re splitting/filtering! It's a topic that inspires strong feelings among riders, and so a new rider posting for the first time can strike a raw nerve. Sorry!
    This is a good place with many very knowledgable people who can be extremely helpful. Don't get put off by grumps who can jump down your throat. Just ignore and wait for the pearls.
    Hope you have a great time on your bike.
  9. I'm a bit dubious.
    why are you so anti filtering considering you are a noob rider?
    Why are you riding if you will not even consider one of riding's attributes
    Are you aware that filtering is not actually illegal?
    I'm sorry but posters like yourself really irk me when they come in with an uneducated opinion then try and get all cutesy.
    Explain yourself clearly succinctly etc etc.
    Also look at the search function and educate yourself about filtering before going off half cocked. :wacky:

    Oh and welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay. :D
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  10. Oh, and that's smee.

    That's very, very smee!

    You'll get used to him.
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  11. Welcome to another Brissie female rider!
  12. Welcome Kazbat :)
  13. Hi and welcome to the net.
  14. Hi and welcome, kazbat.

    Smee does have a point tho....
  15. Welcome kazbat in Brizvegas. From PossumBob in Brizvegas.
  16. Hi, and welcome - again :)

    I was trying to be polite about posting here, so sorry if it came across as "stern"; that wasn't my intention.

  17. I'm going to have to go read this filtering/splitting thread now and try to catch up...

    anyway... Welcome to nuthouse matie.. keep posting your opinions etc.. if everyones was the same, life would be so bluddy boring!

  18. Welcome to NutRider!
  19. Good to see another lady rider from Brisbane on board. Welcome!
  20. Welcome aboard. Keep the opinions coming everyone else on this site does :ROFLMAO: