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Female newbie from NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by witchi73, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Hey, Just joined and i am looking for other female riders out there to talk to. Been riding all of my life on dirt bikes and now im on the road and would like to connect with others out there.

  2. You got me interested ;)

    What do you ride?
  3. Yeah cool - I am also looking for female riders out there

    PS Welcome

  4. Hello witchi - welcome aboard. I think some of the boys here are looking for female riders too, so you're in good company.
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    Welcome to the nut house.
  6. I wondered why there was a crowd forming in here...
    Welcome, witchi-poo...
  7. I also look for females to ride...

    We are just the worst kind of people.
  8. welcome
  9. whereabouts in NSW are you? Good place to connect up in Sydney is at the learners sessions. You don't need to be a learner to attend. if you don't need to do the MOST you can turn up for the chat, check out all noobs gear, see a couple of ugly blokes in their matching wife beaters, see if Azn's got any of his bikes working, see if Devo really does have a ducati, or any sort of bike at all, find out if Finn has finally got his bike fixed and camera delivered, and see just how old Ozyoda really is.

    Welcome to the forummm
  10. please ignore the dateless and desperate here, witchi, it's just the usual hotbed of lust and intrigue

    and allow me to extend a pure and wholesome welcome :LOL:
  11. Weclome withci
  12. Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay.
    What bike you ride?
    Pics or your not female.
  13. :rofl:

    Welcome Witchi

    Hope you brought your sense of humour.

    *and for the record.
    1) Stickers are in, just not on yet.
    2) Camera is in my hot little hands.
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  14. Haha... You guys are terrible. :p Welcome to Netrider, withci! There are a few female only riding groups down your way, I can't recall their names offhand but a google search will find them. If you're looking for bike riding buddies, check out the learner sessions as suggested since girls and guys rock up to those. :)
  15. Well gee, thanks for all the big welcomes!!!
    To wrap up all the above questions,
    I ride a Suzuki GSX 750F 2006.
    I AM A WOMAN...lol
    I live on the Central Coast.
    I do have a great sense of humour, which apparently i am going to need in full here!
    And i am not sure how to post a photo...cause i have lots of them.
    I think that covers everything.
  16. Any p0rn?
  17. Upload the photo somewhere, photobucket is good.
    Copy the link to the img.
    Paste link in a forum post/
    Put [​IMG] after the link, unless you copied the link with the img tags already attached.
    Say something about the photo.
    Hit "Submit Reply"
    Done :)
  18. you got big jugs?

    Welcome chickie
  19. Everyone likes a chikkibabe with big jugs...
  20. What's your dirt riding background, Witchi?