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Female MC - Adelaide

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DuanneB, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. I saw the most stunningly attractive female motorcyclist while shopping in the Rundle Mall Myers today.

    My question is, where are all these female riders on the road? I rarely see women in the hills?? Maybe they're all commuters?
  2. You probably do see them, but with helmets on, you probably never realised.

    Besides if you're out riding the hills, you're more than likely focused on the road and the bike, than whether that rider that just pasted you going the other way was a female or not.
  3. You sad boy :?

    Just put it in the wank bank cause we aren't really interested....

    Unless you have pics :?:
  4. +1 :worthlesspics:!!

    but seriously, go back to sleep. It was just a dream.
  5. well, since the OP has failed miserably, i guess i shall appease the masses with pics of some "hawt" chicks.

    enjoy! i certainly did:p





  6. [-X Now put THAT away and get back to sleep Mister
    Everyone knows you will never find them in 'them there hills'

    Damn Hillbilly


    You're up early twaine .. :shock:
    Nice ass BTW :wink:
  7. nice, I'm spent :grin:
  8. A bunch of squids i say. and how can u ride a bike with 3in platforms!?!?

    Posers... pah!
  9. Actually, it's easier than you thi... I mean, yeah! Stupid squids!
  10. hahaha :LOL:

    but seriously: [​IMG]

    especially ktulu in those platforms... mmmmm, well i can be naughty too, real freaky naughty...
  11. :shock:

  12. I ride around the adelaide hills all the time!
  13. his point still stands :p :p :p
  14. you whipper-snappers are just too far behind our female contingent.
    "dood, like, there is no chicks and shit"
    "dood, thats coz they is whippin' yo ass in the twisties and you cant keep up"

    Eg. Firefling ;)

    harden up lads, and you just TRY to keep up :LOL:
  15. On course, I guess you'd get an average of one in ten to Ridersafe that are female, yet I think I'd only see maybe one in 50+ in the hills (sorry 50cc scooters don't count buzzing around to the shops).
  16. i know of, ride with, have regular coffee with at least 10 of the fairer sex that are active in riding hills and country..
  17. We all admire you.

    On another note, those chicks could ride me... Except the whole G upto the stomach thing doesnt really do it for me... What a ...... :roll:
  18. :roll:
    stop bragging!

  19. wahhahahaha.. Joel you crack me up :rofl: ..

    but back on topic.. I know quite a lot of female riders (myself included) that you will find up in the hill on a very regular basis.

    Dude you are either ridding in the wrong hills, or as Joel said, maybe your to slow and we blow past you before you even realize we're female..
  20. lol hes probably like me ATM i havent got time to see who or what sex is riding the bike im to busy watching were im going and what others are doing.

    realm i like your quote at the bottom