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Female Learner trying to find short light bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Tiny Tina, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. hey there

    I am new to this forum and hope there are some chicks out there like me who have taken the courage to go out and ride bikes on our roads and survive.

    What makes it difficult is my height of 5' ....

    I have a Honda CBR250RR and it is still too heavy and tall for me (yes, especially pulling up at hilly intersections) and it's getting dangerous for me.

    I am going to sell it and get something smaller but before I do that - I wanted to learn more about smaller bikes before I make the same mistake, buying something I can't handle.

    My next option is a CB250 that's been lowered.

    Any ideas!?
  2. Over to you, Flashfire........!
  3. Much as it pains me to say this, m'dear, you need to look at a cruiser-style 250, something like the Yamaha Virago. Very low seat height and centre of gravity, ideally suited to someone who is height-challenged. Best of luck.
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  4. thanks "rc36 Honda."

    I know this bike well. Unfortunately I've tried it and it's not my number one preference.

    I see you are into fishing - I've done some game fishing and it is awesome!

    Maybe I should take that up and give the motor bike away?? he he hhe heh - just kidding.

    Have a good sunday
  5. May I suggest a pocket bike? =p
  6. Can recommend the Yamaha Zeal (FZX250) for those wanting a non-cruiser with low seat height.
  7. Seems like a stupid suggestion, but you've lowered the rear preload as far as it will go? Have you been into a decent Honda and/or suspension place and asked if there's anything else that can be done?

    My other half is about 5'1" and she fits my FZR to a point where she's comfortable once i've lowered the rear preload as far as it'll go.
  8. Hi Koma

    Unfortunately we have already lowered the rear preload as far as possible. We have tried so many other options, eg. cutting out the seat to make it lower, thinner padding, and lowering front forks. This may make the re-sell of it *&^^%$#^*(

    I will check out the FZR and Yamaha Zeal FZX250.

    Thanks for the lead.
  9. This topic appears on a regular basis. Maybe we need something in the "Articles" section - "Bikes for Hobbits" or similar.

    Welcome TT. Being 6'1", disregard anything I suggest on this topic. Like:
    get smaller wheels,
    source platform bike boots,
    make some auto-retracting stabilising wheels,
    buy a trike,
    always take a tall pillion......
  10. perhaps this thread isnt appropriate for the "jokes and humor" section??
  11. It is if you are not vertically challenged........ :LOL:
  12. yeah thats what I thought... its just an invite for jokes against the "height disadvantaged"
  13. lowering preload like that kinda wrecks the handling of the bike though

    better to replace the rear dog-bone and drop the front forks through the clamps
  14. try the GPX, its definately shorter than the CBR, possibly a little lighter too. i think you'll find the same thing with the SPADA aswell, thats another compact bike that i found pretty uncomfortable at 6'

    i dont know about the CB250 tho, i think thats a little taller and definately heavier :? stick with the sports or naked sports bikes if weight is an issue....
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  16. heigh disadvantaged ??? oh no, that's not fair!

    yeah, alright then - I'm a short ar$e

    but I'm not gonna let that stop me riding :)

    you guys are funny though! give you that
  17. Hi Tina, welcome to Netrider and good for you for getting out there. I don't have a lot of advice to give on what to get if your after something smaller and safer, I'll let others help you there. But what I will say is don't be too hard on yourself if it doesn't feel like it's coming together straight away. Learning to ride is not a walk in the park. Definitely get something smaller if that helps but also remember as you get better taller bikes will become easier to ride so the types bikes suitable for you will probaly increase over time. I see a girl on Collins street regularly on some red 1,000cc something (can't remember exactly what). Her toes barely touch the ground when she stops but she seems in complete control every time I see her and her bike's in excellent condition. With a bike that's a bit smaller so you can build your skills and confidence you'll probably be just like this chick in a couple of years.

    Oh yeah, come to coffee some time (even if you don't bring the bike) and meet some of us. Good luck.
  18. True but i make a general assumption (most likely wrong) that people scale in a linear fashion. ;) 80% height = weight x 80%.
  19. :shock: :shock: I never thought i would hear the words 'too short for a 250RR'. I had to get my knees surgically removed from my ears when i sat on one, but wow!

    On a serious note, you can get some small scooters if you dont mind that kinda thing.

    Also see how much Sobil wants for his FZR, after his off its become a lot more compact, and without the 5litre jerrycan ockystrapped to the pillion seat it will be pretty light too since its missing half the fairings. By half i dont mean missing some fairings, i mean some fairings are missing half the plastic lol.