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Female Fashion Apparel.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, May 19, 2009.

  1. Hipster jeans.

  2. Mini skirt

  3. Leggings

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  4. Short shorts

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  1. I was in a discussion at work today when I quipped about how the waist line of hipster jeans is rising. Someone else mentioned that he didn't really care as he was a mini skirt sort of guy and then there were other opinions on what blokes found attractive about womens apparel.
    After much discussion we narrowed it down to four main categories.


  2. Sorry, this is a "lower half apparel" discussion.
    But feel free to start a boobies thread...I'll be in that like a shot.
  3. Bike gear.
  4. This is gunna get really seedy really quickly


    So I'd thought I'd get righ there with 'boobies' :wink:
  5. women doing handstands.

    therefore boobies.

    buuut, if I have to pick lower half apparel, then id have to say long skirts. something about the unseen, and the greater challenge in getting it off
  6. There is something sexy about a girl on a bike.
  7. Esp in tight leathers
  8. Jeans all the way,

    So sick of seeing every chick wear short shorts.

    Too many people should not be wearing clothing that revealing.
  9. Hipsters = Muffins and plumbers cracks

    They all look the same crumpled up on the floor!

  10. most appealing? depends on the girl and how they wear it
  11. i chose leggins as 9 times out of 10 it shows a bit of camel :grin:
  12. You didn't get any actual work done today, did you?

    Oh yeah... motorbike gear is the most attractive (perhaps before the leather starts taking the usual saggy-bottom look)
  13. I remember having the 'hipsters are rising' discussion about 12 months ago.

    Hipsters are awesome, the only problem with them is that they only suit one type of girl and are a fashion disaster if the girl has a bit of meat on her :(
  14. umm jeans have been raising the waist line for like 2 years... for a while it was all the rage to have the high waist corset like jeans. Now it's kinda like a happy medium between the 2.

    Personally it's mainly the girl as some girls look hot no matter what they wear, others make whatever they wear look crap.

    It's everything, "looks", weight, posture, body language. Relatively little to do with clothing.
  15. How cute! Men discussing fashion ;)

    TCSHadow +10000

    If you are confident and happy with your body its going to reflect and THAT is whats sexy.
  16. Good point.

    Birthday suit is the sexiest.... well usually
  17. No love for the bikini?

    I reckon tracky-dacks are pretty hot. Any girl who is comfortable enough with herself to wear those is a way better catch than someone who whinges about how they look all the time.
  18. The winging about appearance is really off putting, but it's nice when they make an effort.

    Esp when it's comes to lingre :twisted:
  19. Depends on the context: Miniskirts are hot & usually classy, short shorts are hot, but usually skanky. :grin: