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Female Driver = not a happy dad

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by kingy, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. hay guys

    my old man lives in sydney and my sister reversed her car into dads FJR1300 ... the only real bad damage is the rear foot brake pedal... he tried to straighten it out but it was pretty well stuffed and it snapped.... Yamaha want 280 bucks for one... does anyone know a wrecker close to the sutherland shire that might have something like this ??? he has tried a few and came up with nothing so far... or does someone up here in brissy know of someone that i can go to and ship it down ???? he needs it before thursday as we go on our huge epic trip to the Great Ocean Road...

  2. mmm, there's one on fleabay in the US for $29.95, but that's no help

    try Cash and Co at St Mary's? 9623 3699
  3. cheers mate just called them and nothing
  4. cheers Smee i am awaiting the replay
  5. There's also Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers, if you give them a ring and organise something I can pickup/deliver as I work around that area and live in the shire.
  6. cheers mate...

    i called the old man and he is going to give them a shout on monday...
  7. You saying your sister can't cough up $280?

  8. money is not the problem.. the problem is yamaha cant get one before wed we head out of our great ocean road trip then... so i kinda need one like now doesnt really matter on the price we just gotta make it happen..
  9. May be mum doesn't want you to go, so she sent your sis out to disrupt the plan.
  10. You could manage without the rear brake..
  11. Well it is inherently evil if you believe what some folks spout around here so that's probably for the best...
  12. well seeing i live up in brissy and my family down in the sutherland shire.. i was on a plane and headed down there ready for my trip... when i got to my parents house i checked over my dads bike... its alot worse then i thought... the rear brake pedal has snapped the rh side peg has snaped off from the frame and there the weld is to hold the peg on has bent that far down that it has crimped the exhaust .... brake lines are squashed aswell... mmm this might take a couple of all nighter to pull this off before the trip..
  13. Is postponing the trip an option? I would not want to exhaust all the energy on fixing the bike just before a long trip. You should really be resting, mentally and physically to get ready for the trip.
  14. we can always take it in turns and there are 15 of us going so should do a night shift work... cant really pospone it as myself and 2 others come down from brissy and got 2 weeks off.. if worst comes to worst the 3 of us can take 2 weeks to come back up to brissy or something...
  15. So what happened? :)