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female baby blade rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bigfella, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Just a quick note to 'tips me lid' to the lass riding the baby blade down station st, murrumbeena last friday nite in her wedge heels and tight pants!

  2. OK - I'll be first.....

    Was she hot?

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  3. :worthlesspics:

    because it has to be said.
  4. no pics, useless post
  5. What is it about hot chicks, inappropriately attired on baby blades?
    Every time I do the nasho I hope to see the one we saw on Chrome's KV run last year...
  6. Did you turn around and chase her down?!
  7. Got to love the desperates who want pics!
    Not a whole lot of time at night to say to the wife " here honey you take the pram while I shoot a photo of the woman on a bike for the boys to perve on netrider"
    Takes a lot of skill to ride in heel wedges I am betting though!
  8. ^^^ Nah, do it all the time. I've got the calves of a footy player.
  9. You mean the lass we saw on the pink Harley?
  10. There was a chick on a pink hog?!
    I'm talking about the squidchick on the baby blade that a couple of us saw on the way back - she flashed past me in a whir of screaming engine, pigtails and sideboob, but was then stopped at the northern gate, looking for something in the gravel apparently...
  11. Ok;

    We either need a new forum for "Spotted Threads" or a thread in Each State forum titled Spotted...

    good idea / bad idea??

    Not just for hotties of the oppisite sex, people with good looking bikes for moments of displayes of great skills/balls/stunts etc...

  12. Takes a lot of lady-balls to ride in nice shoes/non-bike boots/joggers because you'll be ruining them from the gear shifter!
  13. As long as it doesn't end up like the one in the UK GSX650F forum - 700 pages of "Ooh, I saw you yesterday" and "Yes, I saw you too"
  14. ^^ suggested moderating to keep it on track / readable / unclutered with shit?

    Suggestions anyone?
  15. Why bother? I don't understand this fascination with 'ZOMG another rider! Kewl...' type of stuff.

    Yes, people often have nicer/better/faster/ bikes than your own and it's nice to oogle and comment, but why not save it until you come across them at a servo and can actually have a chat?

    My 2 cents.
  16. Not a bad idea, of course.
    There's a positively ancient GSX that parks at my local, that I've been waiting to get a good pic of - a "spotted" thread would be the perfect place for that when it happens...
    And by-the-way: what happened with that Scandinavian hottie you were chasing around the continent?
  17. For the purpose of grouping the first post of this thread into one single thread... could providing an interesting or laughable thread...

    I say could... hence I'm asking for suggestions or thoughts...
  18. Wasn't really chasing her around continents per-say, I met her during travels through Stockholm, and all went well :D

    Actually; as I sit here late at night in a London hostel, I'm booking the final days of my time in Norway, and I'm thinking about a quick trip to Stockholm to say hello again to see her. ;)
  19. Yeah I know how it turned out, just wanted to hear the story again...
    And lololol - my son just saw the pics, and his only comment was "This Brownyy fella is DEFINITELY punching above his weight..."