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Female Asian Rider - do you know any?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mini-monster, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. This may sound suss but do you know any asian female riders? In Sydney?

    So why am I asking? well I'm a guy and want to meet gals on bikes....simply and honest answer. :oops:

    *hehe runaway runaway*

  2. hahahahahaha !

    this is funny !
    waits for the sydney gals to strike !!! :LOL:

    . . . . at least your honest ! ;)
  3. there was this totally hot skinny asian gal on a red R6 in the city...damn...made me feel total inadequate...her bike was faster than mine, had nice leathers, prob ride better than me....crappo...

    Oh yeah she sure was taller than me too hahah
  4. + 10 bonus points
    + 10 bonus points
    + 10 bonus points

    Thats 30 bonus points, plus original score ;) Not a bad bad score out of 10, only problem is that you cant catch her !!!
  5. When an asian girl is taller than you, you KNOW you're going to have problems upgrading to a bigger bike :p

    There are a couple of netridin' girls who are asian and are very nice.
    You should get along to the Ranch sometime. Check the NSW ride events forum.
  6. I know one or two... but you can't have 'em! ;)
  7. Oh dear oh dear...a slow day at work and I come out of the closet like this *shame shame*

    The Ranch huh, well i'll have a look

    You see...I have no biking friends...none of them like to be 'exposed' to the elements...me? I LOVE IT...except for hail cause it dents the bike kekeke
  8. how very strange :-k

  9. So Loz...who are these sexy ladies you know? They from netrider or from some other source? haha

    Oh when is the next NSW ride out? Seems like nothing is on for the next month or so.
  10. So...still no ladies repling hahah....

    Bummer...oh well back to work then
  11. :-({|= :-({|= :-({|= :-({|= :-({|=
  12. Hahah well done well done..

    *going back into the closet*
  13. They all have gravel rash from wearing school uniforms and falling off
  14. Kraven...what are you on about? I sure hope your lady friends aren't like that.

    Was the gravel rash there even before the fall? Come on you know what I mean hahaha
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Not open for further replies.