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Female 0.462 drink driver bailed

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by evelknievel75, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. this is just scary! wtf was she thinking? or clearly not thinking?

    A woman driver who registered a blood alcohol limit of 0.462 - the highest recorded by a female in Australia and more than nine times Victoria's legal limit - has been released on bail after appealing a six-month jail term.
    Heather-Ann Higgins pleaded guilty in Frankston Magistrates Court this morning to one count of reckless conduct endangering life and one count of drink driving.
    Magistrate Ross Betts struck out five charges before sentencing Higgins. Magistrate Betts also disqualified Higgins' drivers' license for five years from April.
    He said if she had not pleaded guilty, he would have jailed her for 12 months.
    "This is serious offending which in my opinion calls for a harsh penalty, Magistrate Betts said.
    "Motor vehicles in the hands of drink drivers are lethal weapons capable of death and serious injury, and sadly that is the tragic occurrence on our roads on a frequent basis."
    Magistrate Betts said drink driving involved "criminal conduct of a grave nature" which risked the lives of other road users.
    Higgins was in tears as she was led into custody at the end of the hearing.
    Shortly afterwards, her lawyer John Marquise returned to court to appeal the sentence.
    Higgins then stood in the dock composed as Magistrate Betts released her on bail, on the condition that she not drive, pending her appeal to be heard in the County Court on October 30.
    Higgins, 49, from Somers allegedly told police she consumed six cans of a vodka-based mixed drink shortly before she hit a tree and rolled her car in Moorooduc, on the Mornington Peninsula, on February 15. She later said she had drunk up to another four cans earlier that day.

    She had driven from her home in Somers to Stump Gully Road in Moorooduc, where she pulled over and drank the six-pack.

    Fifteen minutes later, after throwing the empty cans in the back, she veered onto the wrong side of the road, struck an embankment and trees, and rolled her Toyota hatchback a number of times.
    An initial breath-test by police at the accident scene indicated she had been drinking.
    A blood sample taken at Frankston Hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries, revealed a blood alcohol reading of 0.462, more than nine times over the legal limit of 0.05.
    When asked by police why she had been drinking and driving, she replied: "I was being terribly irresponsible".
    The court heard Higgins, a mother of five, was a severe alcoholic with two prior drink driving convictions.
    Mr Marquise said Higgins had battled alcoholism, breast cancer, depression and anxiety and was remorseful about her actions.


  2. Wow. That must have been an epic boozing session. For comparison, this guy I knew once drank a slab of beer, a half-size bottle of sambuca and several cocktails over a period of about 10 hours, and blew 0.11.
  3. Wasn't that Noah Nadruku ? Played wing for the Canberra Raiders ??? :grin:
  4. She obviously wasn't a danger to anyone, since she clearly wasn't speeding :p.
  5. No, ugly bastard though. Had a certain rakish charm...
  6. Dude, he drank sh!tloads more than that in that famous drinking session!!
  7. Screw "Oh I was terribly irresponsible."

    Bullshit. I'd claim extreme depression and attempted suicide.
    Suspend my license and release me to the world of mental health care please, your Honour.
  8. I'd be very surprised if only 10 cans of premix would put anyone's reading that high. It's only ther equivalent of 10 full strength beers. Pissed, yes, but not that pissed. She must have chucked the vodka bottle out of the car :shock: .
  9. Dont ya just hate bad spelling :p
  10. The loss of hundreds of lives, is a small price to pay, so that we can all drive pist.
  11. I think that 2 chances is more than enough! Why should someone who gets caught hooning 3 times have their car taken from them plus the risk of jail time and massive fines, yet someone with just as little regard for the safety of others gets bail and told not to drive because they choose the turps instead of speed?

    Wonder how many old people need to get killed before the bureaucrats knee jerk and bring in some decent drink driving laws!
  12. I believe in Victoria third strike gets you jail time.... (?)

    And she already lost her car permanently.... up a tree.
  13. :LOL: This reminds me of a letter in Viz:

    To Viz Editor from Wing Commander Allsorts:
    What's all this ballyhoo about drinking and driving. I've been drinking and driving for 35 years don'tcha'know and have never had a single accident except for the one in which my wife was paralyzed from waist down.
  14. Great message it's sending hey, especially when you can have your car taken from you from chucking a burnout (which of course is much much more dangerous than drink driving :roll: )
  15. She got 6 months jail - she's on bail pending her appeal (which judging from the photos sure isn't much).

    When the appeal gets dismissed she goes in to serve the six months.
  16. :? :-k
    0.462????? Is that a typo???

    So three different sources (three of many) agree she shoulda been just about dead?! ...Something doesn't gel with this story...

    Night all.
  17. Italian Police display

    posted in wrong thread...
  18. Rob, I think that's one of the key points of the story; the fact that most other people WOULD be dead or unconscious with that much booze in the system.

    Although some people have a remarkable tolerance; if the stories of the assassination of Rasputin are true, he certainly had a skin-ful before he finally shuffled off the mortal coil.
  19. Rob, she should be allowed to drive. She is much too pissed to walk anywhere.