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Fellow Versys rider in Sydney dragged 450M under truck! He is ok.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Voz, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. This did not happen to me but a Sydney rider I met on a US Kawasaki Forum last week in Sydney. He survived with barely a scratch. Was reasonably well protected. The bike has some grind damage but looks pretty much ok.


    This morning I was on my 2012 V stopped at a set of lights.

    A semitrailer knocked me down from behind and continued driving with my bike and me wedged under the front bumper.

    What followed was without doubt the freakiest ride of my entire life. A 450m death slide, with sparks flying, onlookers screaming, and car horns blaring.

    The accident started at lights on South Dowling St and ended up in O'dea Ave, Zetland

    I'm lucky to have lived to learned a valuable lesson - that maintaining a safe road position when stationary is just as important as safe positioning when on the move.

    I had cut infront of the already stopped truck, passing on its passenger side. The size of the truck meant the driver could not see me pull up in front. Yes he jumped the lights which is why i was still stationary, but I contributed with an illegal move to stop the way i did.

    The smart thing would be not to lane split and keep a buffer even when stopped.

    27/7 Update : OP has re-measured the accident distance and has corrected it to 270M, still a massive distance. I also found a Versys being parted out in Sydney and am going with him this weekend to pickup a bootload of parts dirt cheap! Bike was not insured but will be back on the road soon for beer money. Good outcome, massive lesson learned and hopefully a low cost repair.
  2. This guy serious? ](*,)

    Puts himself in a position that blocks him from the view of the truck driver and the "lesson" is don't filter and wear ATGATT?
  3. Can't see the pics in the link.
    Notwithstanding that, dude is an idiot - "the smart thing would be not to lane split"?
    The smart thing would be to use some smarts when filtering...
  4. This is the exact same circumstances as a case Justus(?) posted - rider filtered down the left of a truck, stopped too close where the truck driver couldn't see him and rider was caught by surprise when the truck jumped the lights.

    Easily avoided. Don't stop that close in front of a truck. Go further forward or stay to one side of it.
  5. Loved the Americans responses, Attorney Time..Tha American Motto oughta be.It's never too late to Litigate. ..Peanuts.
  6. I just realised you changed your name but after reading that thread and seeing the pics i was thinking shit that might be Tmax.:!:
  7. Haha, yes, not me thank phuk.

    His bike is identical to mine, including the SW Motech crashbars.....which I too have tested and can assure you that they are pretty tough and effective on the road!
  8. this is the type of thing that makes us bikers look bad
  9. better now
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  10. Haha, yeps.

    I was pretty surprised at the real lack of damage after being wedged between a semi and the road for a reported 450M.

    They build 'em tough these Kwakas! (y)
  11. Glad he's ok, one very lucky boy.

    But as others have said - one STUPID FKUCNIG MOVE!! :facepalm: