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Fellow riders where are your trickling skills ?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Hamamatsu, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. I had cause today to use my car to get to a new job as the bike is getting a new tyre and tune up.
    I am travelling citybound peakhour on Epping Rd, Sydney,stopped at the lights in gridlock. I spot a rider trickling up behind me. He is travelling at a fair clip and hits my drivers side mirror and smashes it with his pointy style Kawasaki mirror as he trickles between my car and another.
    On he rides, does not stop. I cannot catch him in the traffic and all I saw of his rego was a P plate. Great. Ok, shit happens.
    The new mirror will cost me $50 and an hours time to fix.
    Coming home later that day in the opposite direction, I am doing about 20kmh in peak hour traffic again. Traffic is slow but flowing nicely. I see a dirtbike coming coming up behind me, he trickles past on my right no problem then suddenly swerves in front of me and across another 2 lanes of busy traffic to get to the bus lane on the left.
    Traffic all around brakes hard for him and then he is gone, lucky not to be roadkill or to have caused a pileup.
    A few minutes later a rider on a nice Speed Triple appears behind me and does much the same thing between the cars on my left, only this time the rider half drops the bike, makes an awkward recovery and blats off into the vacant bus lane at warp speed.
    I am not one to usually heap scorn on fellow riders, but I have to ask, what skills do these fellows (SQUIDS ?) have, apart from being able to ride fast ?
    It is interesting and enlightening to hop in the car sometimes and observe the total lack of roadcraft obvious in some commuter riders. Sad. They give all fellow riders a bad name.

  2. trickling lol
  3. trick·le (trkl)
    v. trick·led, trick·ling, trick·les

    1. To flow or fall in drops or in a thin stream.
    2. To move or proceed slowly or bit by bit: The audience trickled in.
    To cause to trickle.
    1. The act or condition of trickling.
    2. A slow, small, or irregular quantity that moves, proceeds, or occurs intermittently.

    Ah yes, some sophisticated motorcyclists refer to it as "filtering."
  4. it's called filtering / lane splitting
  5. no one else calls it "trickling" .........
  6. the ability to get away.
  7. Sweetie they do if they have an inflamed prostrate
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  8. but darling, that is another subject altogether. does it hurt when you need to go, my sweetie?
  9. Oooohhhhhhh the pain lingers, it would of course be tolerable if a bit of pleasure followed.......

    Personally I prefer not to trickle, sorry I'm I gushing again !!!!!
  10. You shouldn't have been in a car?

    Couldn't think of anything negative to say about OPs actions...but, gosh darn it, had to type something abusive...
  11. nah, op was in the right, 100%. just crap riders out there. there always will be.

    that dude who ripped his mirror off and didn't stop is just a c*nt
  12. "prostrate" Do you mean they do it lying down?
  13. how's my riding?
    Call 1800-eat-shit
  14. hit's your mirror.... nearly drops bike......

    Err........ what riding skills????
  15. The constant of riding is that there ar heaps of riders out there who are worse than you are, and heaps who are better

    You jus happened to be in the car when the drones were on display

    Content yourself with the fact that you could smoke them all in the twisties
  16. I've said it till I'm blue in the face. If you cannot ride slow in complete control, you cannot call yourself a bike rider. You're just a bloody nob on a bike.

    Even a bloody monkey can ride fast, when it's all going well!

  17. I thought this was gonna be a thread about recharging batteries.
  18. 2nd funniest post of the year :LOL:

  19. :rofl:
  20. Hornet : so what is the number 1 funniest post of the year so far ?
    One of yours perhaps ? =D> There are many to choose from.
    I guess I am expecting rather too much of the average Netrider, as most responses to my post so far have been pretty SQUID like.
    I would place a large bet that most commuter riders on the road today could be easily outridden by a an armless, untrained, blindfolded, brain damaged lobotomised retarded, incontinent monkey.
    Sorry if I have insulted any monkey squids reading this.:cheeky: