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Fellow riders, don't split like an idiot...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by 6ixxer, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. I was shocked to find a rider splitting against oncoming traffic and coming right at me!! :shock:

    He passed me in my lane travelling in the opposite direction, luckily in the wheel track to my right and i was in the other. He could've made himself a contender for the Darwin Award and taken me along with him.

    This happened on Station Rd Seven Hills around 6pm and i'm still fuming.

    If you're gona split, go between lanes, use the shoulder or a turning lane, I don't care, but don't use an oncoming lane cos you left yourself nowhere to go and left me shocked and amazed at your stupidity.

  2. In the map/diagram I am the yellow line, the idiot is the red one and blue markers for other cars.

    I can only presume he was trying to get into the turning lane ahead and decided not to split down the centre.

  3. If ya missed him/her, they had plenty of room :p
  4. Bollocks!! Imagine yourself in Harte's position, pulling out from behind the car in the left lane to find some nutjob coming right towards you. It would piss me off for the simple reason I like the whole of my lane to myself for contingencies. ;)
  5. Give it a rest it's funny the first 30 times :roll:
  6. Speed demon, i think you may have missed the :p part of vics post :grin: , Though no doubt the bloke splitting on the wrong side of the road is certainly a darwin award contender, also if you split, don't know if you do, you can't then be angry if someone else enters your lane the same as you do to other vehicles on your splitting adventures, as long as they are going the right way but :LOL:
  7. If only you could pull out a steel chain (Road-rage style) and belt him as he passed.
  8. Yes I split. I choose to only split between lanes or not at all. Thats my choice.

    I disapprove of people who split the emergency lane/shoulder or turning lanes (although I must confess having done it once or twice so I won't earbash anyone over it) but against oncoming traffic is just ridiculous.
  9. Even the googlemap caught someone doing the same!

    You can see a car going the wrong way just below the red arrow and a car has just turned right at the intersection ahead into that lane.
  10. almost like the fella who used the footpath on pennant hills road only to pull up next to a copper..
    ive had the oncoming split.. not just a split though when they were going about 80 in a 60. idiots
  11. car did the same to me when i was on my L's, i actually clipped him, turned around and got him to stop so i could threaten to sick my insurance company on him.
  12. Harte - Personally, id rather split down a shoulder/emergency lane. Much less chance of people changing lanes into you... May I ask why you disapprove of this as opposed to splitting between lanes?