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fellow rider smidsy

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by richo307, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. I was coming downhill on a long right hand bend that had an intersection coming off at the apex (a left from my direction).

    A fellow rider commenced making a right hand turn from the opposite direction as I was approaching, luckily he saw me at the last second and hit the brakes as I would have T-boned him. I reckon his pulse jumped a few clicks.

    I gave him the half nod/half shake motion as I went passed - You know, the in between gesture.

    I'm not venting but just getting this out there.

    Anyone else have a smidsy with a fellow rider?
  2. did you see him?
  3. I am the all seeing eye pal!

  4. yep. always cruisers.
    on any sunny sunday.
  5. Hehe, a can of worms right there.
  6. Yeah I've been near SMIDSY'ed by fellow riders a few times - though more like SMIDSYI'ed (Sorry Mate I Didn't See Your Indicators). Its alway been when they've been behind me, overtaken me my lane and turned left in front of me when I'm going straight at intersections (thinking I am turning left as well with the majority of traffic). They've always been apologetic and no harm was done so I dont mind.

    I'd feel the same about cages too - except 90% are never apologetic! A small wave or nod just acknowledging the situation does wonders!
  7. This must be an advanced nodding technique. I've mastered the wave and I'm pretty good at the standard up-down nod, one day I'll add these more elite nods to my riding skill book.
  8. I got smidsy by a rider once. He changed from slow moving lane into fast moving lane. Lucky I am used to cagers doing it.