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Fellow QLDers.......

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by DanielBrissy, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, Just wondering where you often ride? I usually get on once or twice a month and cover anywhere between 300-500kays in a day trip. Usually head south around the Boonah, Beaudesert, Rathdowney area and over the border ranges into northern NSW. Im sure there is alot more to explore around the place, nth side of brissy as well. Where great? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys

  2. We live on the northside. Our regular rides go through Mt Glorious, Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams, Splityard Creek, Esk, and Hampton, or to ride north over Mt Mee, through Woodford, Maleny, Conondale, Kenilworth, Obi Obi, Mapleton, Peachester, before heading home again over Mt Mee.
  3. Anywhere but mt glorius if possible, to many po po. The Boonah, Beaudesert, Rathdowney, northern NSW rides are awesome.
  4. +1 to this.

    Samford and Dayboro both offer decent rides if you're keen for something shorter.
  5. Yeah, pop down this way. So much on offer.
  6. Thanks guys, yeah there must be a reason why I keep heading south. It's just so dam good. Last time I went I headed north east from Kyogle to M/Bah, that road was a peach lol
  7. I've always been a fan or Beaudesert, Mt Tamborine, Canungra, springbrook, Murwillumbah, tenterfield, warwick, Cunninghams Gap to Ipswich. Living around ipswich you must have found the road between roasewood and Minden. Great road although it has extensive roadworks at the moment. The Gatton Clifton road Via Ma Ma Creek was brilliant. Not sure if it been fixed yet since the floods.
  8. Hey Benny, yeah the rosewood to minden rd is fun but really rough near the bottom. Yeah mate done gatton-Clifton a few times, it's great. Last time I went, was north, heading down. I really enjoyed it, think I like it better that direction :)
  9. Personally, I do love Mt Cootha...

    For a longer run, Mt Mee, followed by the run up to Montville is motorcycling heaven. Those who did the Rubber Chook ride recently will remember how much I love the swervy bits up there.
  10. Never been up through there on a bike. Always wanted to do it though, will have to sometime soon
  11. Depending on how plans go for the weekend I should be heading up to maleny, Kenilworth, nambour area. I'll let you know how it is if I get there.
  12. Lunch at Lower Beechmont is always nice. From there its off to either Numinbah Valley through to Murwillumbah or to Cunungra and beyond, maybe O'Rielleys.
    I go over Tomewin each day to/from work which is always nice.
  13. Hey mate that Mt Mee to Monville run your talkin about, is that via Peachester? I'm really keen to go for
    A run up that way, never been, looking a google maps it's just a maze of roads lol, dont know where
    To begin lol
  14. Where bouts are you from Sherlock?
  15. Just south of Kingscliff.
  16. Sitting back at the moment in landsborough with a mother in hand after doing the circuit around maleny, Kenilworth, eerwah vale, nambour, and mapleton. Fantastic roads here. Going home via old gympie road.
  17. I just had a couple of hours spare today so I took a short ride up to Lake Manchester.
    Not too far, but away from traffic lights, and traffic. Nice scenery.
  18. went for a drive (in car) yesterday to Queen mary Fall via Boonah, Croftby and Kilarney. Will have to take the bike out when the rain clears again and write up what it's like from a rider POV. initial view of the road is that it is not a high speed road. It is narrow, sometimes down to one lane, and overgrown in some places. Live stock are present along the road and they leave little slippery surprises. With recent rain there were three sections where was was over the road, but it shouldn't stop anyone if they're careful.

    So why do it. Because it is one of the most scenic roads i've found in SE Queensland, just be careful.



    both of these pics are taken at the moss gardens look out.

    queen mary falls.
  19. sounds like an interesting ride, let us know if your heading out that way if you dont mind some company
  20. i was planning on going this monday, but if you and others want to come i think i could hold off and go riding on the 31st if that suits.