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Fellow GT250R riders

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GOOSH, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. hey guys, just wondering what was the ride away price you paid for the bike. The salesman i dealt with said that price cant go any lower than $7,300. i see trevor got his for $6,800 from another guy at peter stevens. IS it possible for me to pay lower even though i have paid my deposit. thanks

  2. I paid $7300 ride-away. Are you sure Trevor didn't pay $6800 + ORC?

  3. got the Hyosung.. Great bike so far... If your little it can be a bit tricky, I'm 6ft and it's perfect for me.
    Don't pay any more than $6,800 ride away for the GT250R, go & see Mick Lanyon at Peter Stevens in Dandenong & tell him Trevor Li Donni sent you down there.

    got it from another thread
  4. Wow, $6800, ride-away sounds cheap... That wasn't the naked version was it? I paid $7250 ride away in Sydney for the R model. The guy wouldn't move from that price.
  5. nah the r version by what he wrote. the guy said he wouldnt budge for me too.
  6. Now you paid a deposit it will be hard.... but I rang and said "A1 are going to sell me theres at $6850, if you can get me a black one and part with it at $6800 ride away, i'll take it"

    Play Staffords and PS off each other.

    My mate at A1 said if I had the cash on me at the time instead of using finance i would of got it at 6500

    edit: I told him i'd send a few people his way if they were looking for the same bike
    edit2: A1 dont sell them anymore... Staffords and PS have exclusive rights to them.

    The bike is cool but not that cool