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Fell off the bike this morning...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Literally! Taking off from a corner, stalled & fell over!

    Waiting for the outside lane to clear, a truck driver stopped & honked his horn to let me in, & I, in my extreme gratitude, fell over!

    Luckily it was in a keep clear area, picked the bike up & rode off, nothing more than a bruised ego. Felt like a right idiot, I tell ya! :oops:

    No damage to the mighty CX, glad I don't have fairings.

    No moral, just a story.


  2. Bad luck matey, no reason to stress, happens to the best of us....and the worst.

    Myself being of the latter variety :LOL:

    At least no damage, bruised egos remind us that we're all retarded from time to time.

    Have a good one and good luck with it all :wink:
  3. Welcome to Netcrasher :LOL:
  4. Some years ago I turned up to a house inspection on my old K series. The house was on a very steep hill. When I left I did a u-turn and overbalanced - on the down hill side.

    I had no damage to me or the bike but it's very embarassing when you need to get help from a pair of semi-anorexic female real-estate agents to (a) lift the bike off your leg and (b) then actually get it upright.

  5. Nice one Tony! I feel much better now.

  6. We've all done it. Don't wurrie about it.
  7. ahhh bad luck..

    I have 'almost' come off as I took my hand off the bar to wave thanks to a car that let me in one day when I really shouldnt have gone for the gap and I got very wobbly. Almost lost it.

    No i just nod up and down a few times like a horse when I ride past to say thanks..

    Looks and feels stupid but they generally know what im trying to relay.

    Hey, no damage.. Awesome.. I have never seen a thread that had "stack/drop & no damage" in the same post. : )
  8. I very nearly fell over when I had to brake hard and stop while merging.

    I accidentally used the front brake :roll:

    Fortunately my bike weighs fcuk-all, although the full tank of petrol did very nearly topple me.
  9. +1

    'cept it was outside a pub at closing time :(
  10. I did a similar thing not too long ago, but just managed to get my foot down in time and ended up doing this retarded shuffle to the side of the road. I then promptly got off the bike and started to inspect it like something was wrong with it, just to draw attention away from the fact that I can't ride.

  11. Classic, will try the horsie from now on.
  12. So does that mean you normally brake using only the rear?
    You should be using both...... :shock:
  13. did the same thing myself :grin: must be in the green blood
  14. Piss funny post :LOL:

    I drove smack-bang into a gutter 4 weeks ago on a postie bike while looking at.... actually, I don't remember, something shiny or boob-related no doubt.
    The embarrassment was almost enough to distract me from the broken collarbone :oops:
  15. :LOL: +1 funny post
  16. Gold, these are great tips! "Oh man, there's something wrong with my bike, it fell over! better just fiddle with it on the ground for a while!"

  17. Whaa!??...that's like saying you accidently lit up your cigarette!..
    Of course you used your front brake...you're supposed to, mate. :shock: :?
  18. friggin Gold! :LOL: :LOL: ...a geniune - "I meant to do that", moment. :LOL:
  19. Heh this was with my wheel turned almost in a hard lock while traveling at 10-20km/h. In that situation, if you jam on the front brake like I did and immediately stop, the bike will want to go in the direction that the front wheel is pointing - i.e. to the side. Try it on a pushbike - you'll fall over.

    *Very* nearly lost my footing on that one.

    My problem is that I instinctively use the front brake for just about everything. Need to remember to use the back brake while turning.
  20. Aha...ok...I getcha...low speed emergency stop while turned...yes..the front brake can be a danger.

    BUT...the problem is not the use of the front brake...don't stop using that as your first instinctive move, since THAT is where your braking power lies.
    What you need to do is modify the 'amount' of front brake you use under those circumstances and get into the technique of using a little back brake with it to compensate.

    Even then though...it is easy to get caught out for even the most experienced rider, if the circumstances conspire against him.
    No worries...:)