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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rattus Norvegicus, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Darlings I have just realized I have been tremendously inappropriate, someone recently mentioned the door was left ajar, so I decided to make my entrance.........but shame on me, I failed to introduce myself.

    My mother would be mortified........god rest her soul.

    So sweeties here I am in all my humble glory, I have lived life on two wheels for nearly two score.......
    I used to be a naughty little biscuit when I was younger, the impetuousness of youth......you could say rode with the wrong crowd.
    Fortunately with age comes humanity and the ability to express oneself without fear of reproach......
    Sugarplums it's such a thoroughly gorgeous release, I just adore the track and have ridden The Island, Oran Park (I lament it's passing, such a tragedy) The Creek and The Farm (that James is such a doll) I'm hoping to shimmy across the Tasman to ride Hampton Downs in the near future, I'm trembling with excitement.
    I'm equally at home on the road, the Oxley and the Snowies are adorable.....

    So my gorgeous little snowflakes I'll try not to ruffle to many tutu's and add a little sprinkling of spice....


  2. welcome :)
  3. Feliousitations

  4. is this you?

  5. Where do i find me a woman like that lol
  6. :rofl:

    Welcome to NR!
  7. You'll fit rrrright in bro!
  8. Its the Bizarro Tiprat!
  9. I must say I enjoy your take on things and the unique posting style, be welcome.
  10. Howdy!

    Add where you're from in your profile too so we can hassle you to come along to group rides.
  11. when i read this i have dame edna's voice reading it to me in my head
    go read it again with dame edna reading it to u
    i didnt know she rode bikes
  12. Yeah I was wondering why possums was left out.....lol
  13. I have Mrs Doubtfire's voice in mine, helllllooo Poppets!
  14. Hi and welcome to NR.

    I think it's Hornet's alter ego. :LOL:
  15. Welcome on board and enjoy your stay.
  16. :roses:

    That introduction was just gorgeous, loved it!!!

    You brought a delighted smile to my day - thank you.

    Welcome & enjoy!
  17. Welcome. Like your style. :grin:
    Ride safe.
  18. Strangely familiar grammatical style... if not not the actual sentiments.;)
  19. Just read Pride & Prejudice have we?