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Feet position

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by johnnydelva, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    need some advice on foot positions on my new bike. i bought a Hyosung gt250r and everything is fine. the only thing i have a problem with is my feet position on the bike. compared to the bike i learnt on and my bike when i have go to change gears, i have to make an effort to get my foot above the gear lever... the bike has three positions for the foot peg, and is current at the lowest one. so should i move it to one of the higher positions? this is also on my rear brake as well. any advise would be great... thanks.

  2. Ok, look over there, while I do this HERE....

    The pedal itself has an up and down adjustment. Don't worry too much about adjusting the footpeg; that's related to how much you have to bend your leg. Adjust the pedal so your foot is 'sitting' on top of it at your ankle's normal rest position.

    You can similarly adjust the brake pedal, but remember that you will also have to adjust the brake light sender switch as well; you don't want your brake light being on all the time, or not working at all......
  3. thanks for the quick response.. is it something that i could do, or better left to the dealer?
  4. In your picture there is a silver rod just below the Gear lever. Undo the locking nuts(10mm) on both ends and twist the rod with your fingers, as you do you will see the gear lever rise/fall. Put it where you want it and tighten up the locking nuts again. Go for a ride and adjust again as necessary. :wink:
  5. i had the same deal on my gt250r.
    triway is correct :grin: the linkage he is talking about is on a spline.i only had to move mine over '1 spline',and its great.dont have to lift my foot to down shift anymore.
  6. No spline dude, you did it the hard way! You need only twist the little rod that can be seen in the pic sitting just inside the gear lever. :wink:
  7. hehe!yeah,i always endup doing things the hard way!I might actually LOOK next time im doing something...well,probably not!
  8. thanks everyone for their response.. i'm not mechanically minded but that sounds pretty easy... saves me having the mechanic do and charge me what ever he wants... thanks.
  9. will this work on my Suzuki Across? I just got new boots and am having bugger all luck changing gears.
  10. Yep, it will also work on the Across. Thats how I adjusted mine :)