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feet position while riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by vossy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. above the levers

  2. below the levers

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  3. both

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  1. I had a few mates over on saturday night for a few bevies and we got talking bikes.
    We had this discussion about whether you ride with your feet above the gear and rear brake lever or have them below, so like pointing your toes down to the ground a bit.
    This came about because one of my mates was riding the othe day with feet below the levers and while going around a tight corner scraped his toe of his boot on the ground. I thought impossible! but he had the boot to proof it.
    As for me it depends on the riding- city or most suburbs riding I usually have my feet above the levers, but on longer rides i have them below, only for comforts sake.
    So i put it to u guys. Above , below or both.
    Has anyone had this happen to them before?
    Is it a big deal?

  2. Actually, you should have your gear lever adjusted so that your left foot is resting on top of it in its 'natural' position, and your brake lever likewise. Riding, especially spirited riding, with either foot below the pedal puts your feet in the wrong position to change gear, and, critically, in the wrong position to brake. It also puts your toes too close to the deck, as your friend found out.

    And when you adjust the brake pedal, make sure you also re-adjust the brake light sensor switch so the brake light isn't on all the time.
  3. I have long legs and big feet (you know what they say about people with big feet... They have big shoes! :p) so under is the only comfortable position for me. If i tried having them over all the time, I'd end up pressing on them slightly. I should adjust it though, but I do move my feet to cover them when ever I need to, and they would have to go pretty low given my leg length...
  4. Indeed, both pedals ARE adjustable, for just that reason :).
  5. ^^^ thats what my mate says. He's 6ft 8 and size 16-17 shoes
  6. One of the tricks that they teach people during track day training is to rest only the balls of the feet on the foot pegs.

    The reason they do this is because otherwise ones boots will scrape early and can get jammed under the lever causing an unwanted (and scary) change of gears mid corner.

    That's not a good thing to be happening.

    Now I'm not saying one should be doing this all the time because it's obviously not suited to cruising, commuting or even touring.

    But it's something to think about if you are scraping your boots on a run through the twisties and you have them under the levers.

    Either slow down or move your feet... or add to the risk of having an accident.
  7. Scraped my boot (right boot) yesterday on the putty rd in NSW on my little gpx 2fiddy :biker:
    I was lowww.......reallllll low :LOL: :cool: :cool:
  8. If it's a sports bike and you hang your foot on the pegs by the soul of your boot, then you may indeed catch your toes. (and look like a Duck).
    Learn to ride with the pegs under the balls of your feet.

    On a more touring oriented bike, you can get away with it more easily because of the peg location, but still...for cornering, you should have the balls of your feet on the pegs for those to.

    For very spirited cornering, you should "soul" the outside boot, and "ball" the inside boot for better control and safety.
  9. Above the lever when my feet are on the pegs but usually after a period the balls of my feet will end up on the pegs in straight lines as i find that to be comfortable.

    As for corners, balls of feet to pegs every corner i take because i need to, other wise they'd be scraping.
  10. I always ride with the balls of my feet on the peg, I figured this was a good habit to get into early on when I started riding based on things I had read.
    Everything I have read leads me to understand that this is bad foot positioning and this is good positioning.
  11. It all depends on how im feeling / riding at the time. Long haul stuff my feet could be under / over OR on the pillion pegs ie: bent right back.
    But as soon as my riding gets abit sprited, the balls of my feet are on the pegs, giving maximum road clearance. :twisted:
  12. Hmm, why do you feel it's not suited to these styles of riding? I always ride with my feet in that position even on the regular Sydney/Snowy runs I do and for daily city commuting.
  13. Where's the poll option "My bike has floorboards and my feet sit on them?" :LOL:

    For the sake of the discussion however, on my previous bikes I would usually be a ball of the foot rider, although I would vary a bit when touring.
  14. I mostly have balls of feet on pegs or if I want to shift around on a long trip then its under the levers.
  15. +1, i do the same but, my gear foot sits below unless stopped,
  16. I suspect this difference isn't actually a difference of opinion but a difference of definition.

    Cruiser - Feet forward riding position... can't have balls of the feet on the pegs (as they'd not be resting on anything (ok some demi-cruisers have semi normal peg positions but not most).

    Tourer - Can't have feet under the levers (as per goldwing, LT1200 etc) as there isn't actually room. (You're talking about sports/tourers? I wasn't talking about touring not sports/touring).

    Commuting - If you can ride with your feet on the balls whilst filtering for an hour you're a better man than I :)

    Sure... I'll admit one can do either, and I'll admit that generally speaking balls of feet on pegs gives better clearence, and I'll state that toes under levers is bad.

    But I'll also state that unless one is fit and flexible it's not possible to ride all of the time that way.

    Don't believe me? Try riding 1500kms in a day with the balls of ones feet on the pegs *shrug*
  17. Dirt, toes up, or on the balls! You'll break your feet into itty-bitty pieces in no time.
    Road, on the ball for the outside foot, foot off the peg on the inside so the peg can fold up. :p
    Straight line, depends whether accelerating or slowing down for left foot.
  18. Left under, right over. I guess I should adjust my gear lever.
  19. On the balls of my feet when light traffic, just on the levers in heavy traffic. If you leave you feet on the brake lever too much, the brake can be activated if you have a sensitive pedal, i never have my feet under, im scared of scraping them, done it once b4, thought i was gonna die :shock:
  20. After some of the comments on this thread I checked my lever heights last night and adjusted the gear lever one spline up on the shaft and left the brake as is.
    Just this little adjustment made a bit of difference in feel to changing gears.
    The other thing too is the lever now feels better with my riding boots on but usually when i ride to work like today i wear my work boots which are not as chunky as the bike boots and it felt a bit weird today.
    maybe i should change it back.
    will see how it goes.