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Feet position on pegs

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by orp, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, I've been riding for just over 3 months now, just off my learner's last week.

    I ride a ZZ-R 250, and have been riding with the side of my feet resting on the side of the gears on the left and break on the right. I've been doing this so I know exactly where they are located if I need to jump of the break quickly or change gear (without fumbling).

    But what about corners, should I be changing the position of my feet? Will my feet be hitting the ground before the pegs do?

  2. That's usually where I have my feet when I'm just cruising. When you go for a hard fang you'll want to put the balls/toes of your feet on the pegs to keep them out of the way of the bitument when you're cranked over through corners :p
  3. do you mean that your toe pokes out? If so isn't that uncomfortable?

    Even so, if you feel ok riding like that, just tuck the foot up under (or onto) the lever as you corner.

  4. Yeah thanks guys, I'll start moving my feet back so my toes are on the pegs around corners.

    Iffracem: I've been moving my feet around and its the only place that seems conforable, where do you normally have yours when crusing?
  5. hmm, cant remember the last time i ever used the foot brake lever, so the ball of my right foot is always placed on the footpeg and the left is the same apart from moving it forward to flick the gear lever.

    hardly ever do i move my feet forward so the heel of my boot hooks onto the footpegs, but , thats just me, i like to push down on the pegs when cornering.

    would have my pegs rearset if i had a spare 500 odd bucks that was needed on other stuff :?
  6. Bad idea. I nearly took my foot out when I had my foot there during a turn.

    Anyways, on where you're foot should have your foot, refer to this picture (you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a half decent medical picture of a foot on google). At the bottom right, where it says 'Metatar-something' and 'phaveng-thingame', the line in between is approximately where you're foot is resting on the peg. Notice though, that when you put your foot in that position, you're knees automatically tuck in against your bike.

    It feels wierd when you first do it, but you'll soon get used to it.
  7. when I was learning on the zzr250, my boots used to touch down .. ended up wearing out the side of my brand new boots :p

    so yeh, keep the balls of your feet on the pegs and heels tucked in against the bike.. your boots should never hit the ground (the pegs will scrape first)
  8. When it happened, I didn't have riding boots, only my steel capped workboots. Those boots shredded itself along the bitumen. I got meself riding boots now :)
  9. I also have this problem but for different reasons. I'm pretty tall and have long legs and big feet. End result is that I can't ride with my toes on top of the levers as I end up riding the rear brake and occasionally accidentally change down a gear without the clutch - bad news as a learner given the jolt this sometimes causes.

    I am trying to get used to moving my toes back onto the pegs because I can see the danger in having my toes outside the lever during turning, which is where I currently have them.
  10. Jeez mate, if you dont know where you feet are by now then you are in a spot of bother :LOL: In your post heading you have answered your own question. Put em on your pegs, the rest is up to you. stickem out too far and you'll soon learn. Good luck mate :wink:
  11. Why not adjust the gear and brake pedal down a little so you dont hit 'em
  12. yeah better to put the toes back onthe pegs like trendshadow said or youll end up scrapping toes on the black stuff like i did round arthurs seat recently :D
  13. Unfortunately, I have already adjusted the brake lever as far down as it will go. I could adjust the gear lever some more but I tried having my right toes on the peg and my left heel on peg(if I moved the gear lever way down) but it felt unnatural and lopsided. I figured if I am going to have to change my technique on one foot, might as well do it on both.
  14. Because my first boots had heals I rode as if they were in stirrups.
    Now I always ride with the balls of my feet on the pegs.
    Many advantages.
    1. You can use your feet better to distribute you weight around the bike.
    2. Your feet won't touch down in corners.
    3. You will have to move your foot to get to the back brake. (Unless your a Harley rider this is a good thing IMHO)
    Also prevents you from prematurely wearing out your back brake and
    avoids accidental turning on brake light.