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Feet On Pegs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2wheelsagain, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Ok NR's how soon do you put your feet on the pegs?
    For me as long as I'm rolling I'm on the pegs. I can actually stop for a short period of time and keep my feet there (show off I know :) )
    The reason I'm asking is I have just watched a tool this arvo on a new BMW 650 of some sort take off from two sets of lights and for 200m dangle his legs. He had to stop at the roundabout in between and did the same.
    It didn't look like a case of leg cramp. It looked like that's the way he rides.
    A couple of other manoeuvres suggested he hadn't been riding long and from what I've seen wont be keeping his legs much longer.

    So how soon do you put your feet on the pegs?
  2. he was probably practicing his drag racing launch technique...damn hoon beamer riders

    asap for me...goto cover the rear brake ;)
  3. if i am in stop start traffic and road is either not wide enough to split down etc...i will ride along with feet off pegs, cos i am too lazy to move em up and down up and down..... :wink: but when i pull up to lights i will normally practice balancing the bike.....actually bet a push bike rider not to long ago :LOL: that was fun
  4. +1 to feet on pegs. Or more accurately, foot under gear shifter :)

    I have had times where I've just had enough momentum to keep my feet up during a stop, but if the stop goes on too long, it's left foot down for me.
  5. Yeah I try to balance and not put feet down, although Iam new to the whole biker game......

    On another note....... i did the balancing trick the other day to avoid stopping and putting my feet down as I wanted to change lanes right after the lights to get to the servo....
    And a Highway car comes speeding up after me, cuts me off and pulls myself and 2 mates over.... claiming we were street racing....... Go Figure!?!?!?
  6. My feet are usually up before mid-intersection, regardless of the take off.
    Occasionally I might have to leave my right down for a bit longer if I happen to have given it a handful and need to maintain the balance for a bit longer.

    The bloke you describe is going to lose a foot sooner or later. And look like a tool in ther meantime. :roll:
  7. if the traffic is slow moving, I like dangling my legs,

    coming to a stop, I will usually put left foot down, then if its a long set, right foot, and if its still long, flick it to neutral and sit back and relax

    taking off, the feet are usually up halfway through the intersection, although depending on the mood, they could dangle for a bit longer
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing a fotie of that if you ever see him again. Sounds hilarious. I'd've been tempted to pull up next to him and enquire as to la technique :)
    I'll normally take off with the right foot on the peg already and have the other up virtually immediately ready for the shift.
  9. Bloody F650GS riders!

    I've seen a scooter rider in Paddington shoot down Oxford Street with his feet positioned like a rider - they were just dangling on either side of the fairing that covers the rear wheel/engine instead of seated infront of him. It looked REALLY weird, uncomfortable, and incredibly gay - but that's the area I guess :LOL:
  10. Mine are up on the pegs ASAP after takeoff. Under the gear lever/over brake. If I'm cruising and traffic conditions permit, balls of feet on pegs.
    I find it more comfy that way, and actually easier to maneuver.
  11. My right foot is on the peg before I set off in the morning and find the ground again when I stop at work.

    Left foot hits the ground when stopped at lights but always back on the peg within 2m of starting off again.... :grin:

    dragging feet just looks silly....
  12. Feet on pegs whenever I can.
    One foot down at lights, but which depends on the gradient - Up/down hill then it's the left down, on the flat it's the right foot down to take advantage of the slight camber of the road.

    Motorbikes have the engine that acts as a small centrifuge, so balancing on a motorbike will always be eaiser than anything else.

    I kinda look at dragging your feet on a bike as being abit slack. Also means that you don't have complete control of your bike becasue you can't work the rear brake, change gear or grip the bike with your legs/knees with any confidence (for manuvuering).
    Old people with athritis in their knees drag their feet alot, you'd find..
  13. Right foot already on the peg and rear brake... take off, left foot swings back as the bike movs forward and onto the peg... maybe 1 metre...

    That's if I have to take it off the peg at all... sometimes I have good balance, and sometimes crap... but I couldn't balance properly on a bicycle, don't know why I should think I can on a Moto...

  14. ...could also indicate to cagers that you're filtering carefully and it will help you catch the bike should you brake suddenly.

    +1 on getting feet back onto pegs soon after take off.
  15. With the exception of the Motard-U-turn safety leg:

    If the bike is moving, my feet are on the pegs.
  16. If i know that the lights are going to change before I get there I dangle my shins on the footpegs... otherwise right foot on pegs at all times.
  17. I usually only have left foot down(unless stopping for long set of lights) then its a bit of a habit for me to actually 'push' off with my left foot and then straight up on the pegs and ready for gear change
  18. Dangling anything that you might want to keep close to the bitumen seems stupid to me.
  19. Ha! i was riding around today and watching people with their feet and then i see this thread lol, i try to get them up asap thats what the instructor told me + it makes sense to not drag them around.
  20. What Ktulu said

    but in addition to that:

    Feet are usually on the pegs unless im stopping, u-turning (sometimes), or when i feel like doing a motard style turn lol