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feels nice!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by imajo, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. i rode to work with my Skins (the compression leggings) under neath the leathers this morning... feels nice, like another lining under then.
    Just in case your wondering why?? Well I had my first real work out, 2hrs of footy training for the first time in 2 years and i was told they do wonders so i wore them to sleep and thought why the hell not wear it for the whole day.

    Im still bloody sore though. Even walking still causes me pain.
  2. And you are gonna play footy. Mate, you are not fit enough to be in a porno movie...
  3. So you would recomend them then....been thinking of getting some for a while now.
  4. if you are planning to do alot of heavy work outs yes. but if u think you're gonna stop half way dont bother. a good stretch and warm ups will slow down the build up of lactic acid in your body.
  5. yeah and being a smoker doesnt help...
    They are good - when running i tend to get tight calves, it didnt tighten up at all. Only thing i dont like about them is the price, i bought these of a mate who ended up going down a size.
  6. I wear mine on lengthy rides. Definitely helps with fatigue and cramping IMO.
  7. talk about cramp, a week or two ago there was a flood just about 100m or 200m down from petersham station just after a set of round about and a light and i had to bend my leg up so i wouldnt get my jeans wet and mann ..

    i copped a good ol fashion thigh cramp and omg i was like i dnt wanna stop the bike .. so i kept riding .. standingup everynow andthen ..

    this is a CBR250rr .. eventho its a small cool bike it needs abit more hight to it. or maybe my legs are too long.
  8. first game of footy for the season... cramped both calves.
    now very sore and very painful lifting the legs over the bike. Still wearing the leggins,
  9. dont skins squish your goolies?

    when i did athletics... they squished my goolies lol
  10. do a long calve stretch. and warm up before game. i've done it before..

    we usualy yelled out "there's a sniper!" when sumone does a hit up and gets a cramp and just falls.

    "like what happened to me" .. a hit up and just before i made contact i got the massive cramp in the calves.

    yeah skins do help.

    No it doesnt squish your googlies. .. mine didnt. i usualy wear undies under it anyway.
  11. we are all 19

  12. but each of us knows abit more than one another. =] in some areas