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Feeling unappreciated at work?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bluesuede, May 2, 2008.

  1. Maybe you are, but I bet at least people notice your existence more than they did this guy :shock:


  2. That's amazing!

    Proof reading in an open plan office. He must have had amazing concentration skills.

    Oh yeah, and it never pays to work to hard when you are working for someone else, no matter how much they seem to appreciate you.

    EDIT: Oh, you spoiled it FL. Go back to work!
  3. /earplugs :)
  4. snopes notwithstanding, I've worked in plenty of offices where the majority of the people gave all the appearances of being dead :LOL:
  5. Perhaps if they had speakers in them and played white noise.

    Don't be so sensible Ktulu ! :eek:
  6. But did they pay him for the 5 days?
  7. I've gone entire weeks at work without ever having seen another person, so I know I certainly wouldn't notice if one of them was dead (or vice versa).
  8. I'm sure half the people in my office are brain dead!!! :LOL:

  9. You've been dead for about 300 years fossil :p
  10. Way to rain on the parade falcon lord... :wink:
  11. And over time...
    He was there 24 hours a day.
    Now that is dedication!
  12. Shouldn't this be in jokes then? :p I know it wouldn't come as a suprise then :p

    Suprised smee didn't moan about this :roll:
  13. I appreciated my boss so much that I cut and pasted his photo into this news story and circulated it around the state (he is well known statewide) a year or so ago. I still don't think he knew it was me (I'm still employed)