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Feeling Rather Pleased With Myself

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. A few weeks ago, in order to accompany my daughter on local rides, I bought the first reasonable quality bicycle I think I've ever owned; a Giant Transend (cue laughter from every experienced cyclist on the forum :oops:). Time and opportunity have limited me to very local pootling but, over the weekend, having no really pressing calls on my time, I had a go at something more ambitious.

    So I did this route on our local trails, doing Chidlow to Bellevue via Mundaring and then back via Parkerville and Stoneville.

    Now bearing in mind I haven't really ridden a pushie in 25 years and am a fat bastard who's done little in the way of sustained physical activity since I hung up my landscaping shovel 15 years ago, I was ever so pleased to even make it all the way without having to call out MrsB with the sweeper ute. I was even more pleased to average 12km/h for the whole trip, exclusive of a 15 minute rest at Parkerville to sink a couple of litres of water, having done the long climb from Bellevue without a stop.

    Better still, apart from a patch on one leg where I missed with the SPF30 and some rather creaky knees, I felt OK afterwards.

    Incidentally, now I know why it's called pea gravel. It's 'cos that's the instinctive reaction of the incompetent newbie when hitting it, on road tyres, at the end of a long, fast descent :shock::LOL:. Didn't fall off though :D.

    I look forward to doing it all again and seeing If I can get down to four hours dead.
  2. Bravo!

    You will quickly find that cycling is very addictive (almost as bad as m/c riding). It also has some nice trade-offs in terms of weight loss and fitness.

    And if you really get into it, you will find that some bicycles cost more than a motorcycle.
  3. Not sure about that. The best pie shop in WA is about 20km in the other direction and might make a handy destination :LOL:.

    I doubt if I'll ever get that serious. Even $500 for something with the engine missing made me grit my teeth a bit :D. I can see the point, though, of gradually upgrading the bits on my current steed as they wear out. Building a decent bike by installments as it were. Even as it stands, it shows up everything I've had before as the K-Mart equivalent rubbish that it's been. Pedalling is so much less effort when half your energy isn't going into bending everything.

    What I'm hoping is that, when I get round to doing another track day, my leg muscles will be up to moving me around on the bike so I don't upset it by hauling on the bars.
  4. Not too sure of what I was looking at with your link but it doesn't really matter, you still deserve full applause! Even a semi regular trundle on the pushie is going to help on the motorbike as the whole body benefits and I believe that the mind and spirit are equally rewarded through that endorphin glow. Looking forward to being able to do the same myself.
    One last =D> for you.
  5. It's just a schematic representation of distances between towns/landmarks, and the associated gradient profiles on our main local cycle and walking trail. It's all on old railway trackbeds, which is handy, steam locomotives being almost as bad at climbing hills as I am :D. Even so, there are a few short, sharp dips where the rails crossed gullies on bridges which have since been removed.

    A (rather crappy, but I can't find the decent one) map type representation of the route is here.
  6. Hey, I've started on the pushie too!

    Looks like you've got some interesting routes planned too. My bike's much worse than yours - my girlfriends malvern star womens commuter.
  7. Nowt wrong with that. When I'm a bit fitter (if ever), I rather fancy an old, gas-pipe framed, rod braked vintage job with a Sturmey Archer hub. Might take some finding though. I know it's possible to get such things new, from China or India, but the prices here are ludicrous for what they offer, so I need to start stalking aged pensioners for the contents of their sheds :D.
  8. Mmmmmmmm hills...
    Not bloody likely, I'm definitely a one hill wonder especially since moving up here although with the last 11 months of enforced lay off I have this feeling that the lip on a drive way might be a challenge lol. I do feel comfortable in the knowledge that the 24 ratios on my MTB will lend their assistance nicely when it comes time for me to hit the road again.