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Feeling more comfortable

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RedRobbo, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. This mornings ride into work was great, I am really starting to understand the bike more every time I ride. It was the perfect ride in, more relaxed good gear changes, cornering, even turned off the indicators:grin:.

  2. Good to hear Robbo. It was a beautiful morning over our way. One of those rare Winter sunny still mornings. :)
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  3. Cheers mate it was a fine morning indeed, just to shorter ride:wink:.
  4. Good work mate, on my into work this morning I wanted to deviate and do a loop around the hills, was such a nice morning for a ride. Somehow I dont think my superiors would be impressed if my train sat on the platform for an hour while I was out enjoying the morning lol
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  5. If the announcement was "vline apologise for the delay to the xxx service to xxx because our driver has gone off riding his motorbike", I would have gone, hell yeah, pity it was advised earlier by sms alert so I could have gone as well.

    Would certainly beat the excuses I have had:
    - sorry the train has hit a cow and we are waiting for engineers to check the undercarriage
    - sorry the met train in front of us has hit a shopping trolley, broken down, whatever and we are waiting for it to be towed so we can continue our journey
    - sorry a possum was electrocuted at XXX and we are waiting for the electricity to be restored to the signals etc
  6. hmm, I'm sure some people would appreciate that, but more than likely I'd get stabbed by angry passengers for making them wait lol
  7. Yep it sure was a nice morning, can't blame you for that thought mate. Kinda sad when you run your own business like me and would prefer to be out riding :D:biker:.
  8. Ring the boss, *cough* tell him you're sick *cough*
    See you at Olinda! :beer:
  9. :applause::D
  10. Was a great morning in NSW aswell, so i took the longer scenic route to work and ended up 30 minutes late. "Sorry sir, i was stuck in traffic" :---)