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Feeling lucky...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by TeeKey, May 22, 2016.

  1. So today is the first time I actually got a bit shaken from a near incident on Southern Cross Drive.. I've had plenty of dangerous moments during my short life on two wheels, from people cutting me off, taxi drivers and buses doing illegal U turns and other similar moments; however, I was never really fazed by those incidents taking them as the necessary payment we all have to make to enjoy ourselves on our beloved machines! Today however I got a bit scared and finding myself in need to vent..
    I was riding to work on Southern Cross Drive towards CBD in the middle lane minding my own business trying to stay away from trouble i.e cars and trucks.. I had a couple in a Mazda cx9 on my right so as they were a bit faster and I was in their blind spot I slightly slowed down until they were a bit ahead and I was happy doing my speed limit (80Km/h). But alas the driver started slowing down (perhaps having realized he was above the limit) but while doing so he also began pulling into my lane without neither indicator or looking. He was literally pulling into my lane with me being at the level of his rear passenger doors.. I had milliseconds to react, so I looked to my left while decelerating and seeing as it was empty I escaped to the left lane... The guy didn't see me, didn't even look and I was 0.5s of smashing into his car or being pushed off the road at 80km/h.

    I'm aware I made at least two mistakes.. Staying in the middle lane and being perhaps too close to that car at one stage but still.. the fact that the guy didn't even look and see me after he pulled into my lane just really pisses me off.
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  2. Nice work for staying alive. No matter what speed I'm doing if I've got vans or 4wds around me I will stay a bit Infront of them and never sit beside them
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  3. How about a 4x4 launching across two lanes at you and then claiming he didn't see me. He had a free lane and my lane to choose from. He chose mine. Go figure. But at least he apologised. Many don't look and even when they do realise their mistake, don't even bother acknowledging. I get madder at that shamefaced straight ahead vacant look when they know they've done wrong, even when faced with a rather loud and direct inquiry aimed at their window.

    Good on you for making it out unscathed.
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  4. G'day TeeKey,
    Not uncommon on the Southern Cross Drive, General Holmes Drive both infamous for people driving like retards at much higher than posted legal speeds (must not be any speed cameras?) because I find them up my tail despite sitting on or slightly above the limit. I get hyper aware when ever I see those white delivery vans and tradie utes (usually where the young bloke is driving the company ute) anywhere near me. I have had a half full paper coffee cup chucked out the window, hit my front forks, durrie butts flicked straight out, and what you experienced, the change lane into you scenario. Like you say, it goes with the territory but still... can get to you at times - just shake it off buddy.
    cheers Fred :)
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  5. Thanks MudfrogMudfrog , I'm cool now. I got pissed off more at the fact that there's an idiot in a 1.5 tonne metal box completely unaware of his surroundings than the actual situation, and I know what you mean when it comes to the company utes and delivery vans scenarios... classics! :)