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Feeling just a little superior

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. It had happened with my earlier bikes, but much more so on the Bandit for obvious reasons.

    On my ride home there's currently a loong (a couple of km, but with roadworks that make it a 40 zone for most of the way) section of single lane, then there's an overtaking lane up a hill.

    Often lately I'll get to the beginning of that and be ready to swing out and overtake with dispatch, but some of the cages in front of me have also been awaiting their chance. They'll indicate (mostly) and swing out and manfully try to overtake, just creeping by a couple of km/h faster than the people they want to overtake.

    Fortunately with the loud pipe, even when I have to back off and sit behind them until they get past, they are usually pretty good about popping back into the left lane once they're past and letting me get on with it.

    I could get frustrated and annoyed, but really, I just tend to feel a little bit condescending at their attempts at a passing move... ;)
  2. When they pull out and sit side-by-side, roar straight between them.

    You'll feel like a god... and compared to them, you are.
  3. Do that too often and you will meet God

    and realise that feeling like God on a bike is tantamount to suicide
  4. Yeah yeah yeah. I think Ktulu's a big boy. When he decides to do something on the road, he's there and you're not. I think he's in a better position to decide what he's prepared to do.

    Nobody's disputing your right to ride like a nanna if that's your wish.
  5. Here we go again. The Fun Police v The Immortal Warriors :?
  6. Everyone does anyway, and its much more fun to smash into heaven in a fireball rather than 80 and in a coma.
  7. FWIW, I tend to only split between almost-stopped traffic and don't see that changing anytime soon.

    Mind you, with power comes responsibility - popped out to pass one car in an 80 zone this morning, popped back in to discover I was spending a buck fifty or so... oops. Don't want to feature in one of those threads...
  8. :WStupid:
  9. I prefer to lane split on the freeway late at night, half drunk and naked wearing only a Viking helmet with my lights turned off. I like to provide a "what the???" experience to my fellow road users.
  10. hahaha puny little cages and their "lane changing" :twisted:
  11. Exactly! That's why I'm getting a nice big trailbike with enough ground clearance and suspension travel to put the over into overtaking.
  12. I've being trying to convince my boss that i need an ASLAV for exactly the same purpose.
  13. Something learnt from Schooly's week?? :p
  14. Just like to combine my two past times, bikes and nudity. :grin:
  15. Just the nice hats :cool:
  16. HALF drunk?

  17. Classic Deyago! :LOL:
  18. Heheh - that and its nicely mounted 25mm ego perforator :shock: :twisted: