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Feeling excited and nervous

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by HeavyNinja, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Well just went and bought a used 2013 Ninja 300. 3350 but done 42,000km all country as owner lived 80km from town and used it daily. New sprokets, new Dunlop arrowmax g500 tyres, no marks etc. Also kitted myself out, got a good deal on gear, $779 for all the gear minus $129 as They refunded the cheap helmet I bought. So $650. Helmet is a shark S900c bought it because it felt nice and had the inbuilt tinted visor, my sunnies wouldn't fit in any helmet I tried. Also learnt a valuable lesson, don't try on a helmet if it feels tight to begin with. I hurt my neck pulling a large off as I assumed large given other brands were fine, but the shark was way too tight and I should have stopped when I tried putting it over my head.


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  2. Well done, I might change your thread title though, being Neevous can't be good for you
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  3. Yeah not sure what neevous is hahahaha. Also got given a voucher for 1hr free lesson with company I am using. I notice over east you guys do ride days then have l's and go for p's (well I think I reading it right) over here it is l's ride with instructor on the roads and do test, then full r-e as I am already licenced to drive.
  4. It looks a lot like christmas!!
  5. Yeah, is my sons birthday this week and guess what day dad is picking up his bike lol. Feeling more like my birthday hahahahahaha
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  6. Ahhhh the anticipation. Pick up the bike today, although I am not riding it home a family member is. Got my first lesson tomorrow, wanted to cancel as chance of rain during my lesson is 70% but instructor said if you don't learn in the rain you be stuffed if your test is on a wet day or any wet day after I get my licence so we are going in the rain.
  7. Just had my first lesson. Only stalled the bike once when practicing how to go without even using throttle. Even did a hill start without stalling. Happy as.
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