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Feedback sought on next boike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Scottatron, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Well, it seems that Honda are the only manufacturer that make a bike in the style/design I am looking for when I upgrade from the GPX250

    I am looking for a 600 with good performance, a semi sporty/yet fairly releaxed riding position and something that isn't a bloated "tourer" style (ZZR600 for instance)

    The CBR600F4i seems to fit the bill for me perfectly!

    I have had a history of back problems, I had an operation on my left wrist a few years back and it is not going to be 100% again - so I can't have something that puts too much weight on the wrists etc.

    I had thought of maybe a ZX6 and putting some clip-ons on....anyone done this?

    So does anyone have any thoughts on the CBR?

    I should add, the bike will be primarily used as a commuter, with the odd weekend blast.
  2. I vaguely recollect someone posting that the F4i has been discontinued (???). I guess even if it has you should be able to get a good second-hand one; after all, you DO meet the nicest people on a Honda :LOL:.
  3. The F4i sounds like a perfect choice on paper, it has a great reputation.


    Get out and test ride a few others, because the paper doesn't tell the story. Try even a few of the "bloated" ones. Just because it ain't millimetre precise for a racetrack doesn't mean it's not a brilliant road bike.
  4. I must be in a very simmilar position to you. I ride a zzr250, full license in about 3 weeks. I fractured a vertebrae when I was 19 so need a relaxed position. I want a faired bike. I dont want a 1000+, and I am worried that 600 sporties will cause pain. Someone suggested Kwaka ER-6F, have you considered them?
  5. The sister in-law just bought a second hand fz6. Picked it up for around $8,000 and it was a 2005 model with bugger all k's on it.

    I'm not a huge fan myself, but in terms of value for money, particularly if riding position is critical, then it was pretty hard to go past.
  6. The F4i has been discontinued (as of 05 I believe)

    The others I have thought about are the FZ6/GSR600 and maybe the z750 - but I prefer the faired look and feel I would outgrow something like the GS500F too quickly.

    I have heard very good things about the Honda - bulletproof engine, nice smooth power delivery.

    I will definitely give as many different bikes a test ride, and I haven't ruled out the "bloaties" ;)
  7. Don't rule out nakeds either, they can be a hell of a lot of fun, particularly on the street.
  8. Seems the riding position on the 00 - 02 ZX6r's comes highly recommended....anyone ridden both and can give us a quick comparison in terms of performance/comfort etc?
  9. what about the SV650? I found the riding position similar to the ZZR.

    All the naked/semi naked bikes like the:

    would be the ones to look at, drool over, throw a leg over and then test ride once you find one that you think is best for you.
  10. since when has the fzr been naked/semi naked?

    the f4i is a great bike on the back pocket cheap to insure, better rideability (comfort wise) but they are still a high revving engine, like others have sadi look at a twin either the er6f/n, sv650/s, perhaps a monster 620, or maybe a dual purpose like the v-storm 650
  11. I assume he means FZ#
  12. Yeah close enough :)
    Thanks for picking it up.
  13. Bloody squids! :p

    Nah Loz is spot on a naked can be a whole lot of fun, also a lot cheaper if you drop it in the garage :oops: Cheaper to insure etc. Comfy and if wind is a bis issue a screen
  14. Hello All,

    To continue with this, how many k's would you draw the line at? I have found a rather nice F4i with just over 20,000k's....it is a 2002 model.

    It has service history available.
  15. Over 20,000 is great. When I looked for my 250 I wanted it to be under 30,000km. The 600 is a bigger bike so I would probably want one under 45,000km? It all depends though on how much you have to spend and how the owner has treated the bike. As you said they have service history so I think its good! (At least you know they changed the oil)
  16. The person is asking $7000....which is a great price compared to others....I am just a bit apprehensive as it is in Brisbane.
  17. What about the F5i, do we have those here?
  18. What about the ER6 Kwaka or the SV650 suzuki? Both a little less "sporty", more upright, and certainly in the case of the ER6 certainly a lot less weight on the wrists and probably a better commuter. Still more than capable of a fun weekend blast as well.

    The power spec isnt that bad although certianly down a bit on the 600's, but the torque is no worse than any of the 600cc race reps.
  19. gsx750f is a great bike albeit a little on the heavy side compared to the 600's.
    Although a 750, it's pretty docile unless wound up and is ergonomically very good.
    Also be aware that the late model 600f's had lower clip-ons than the earlier models, so not quite as upright.....

    just my .02c