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Feedback Poll - [VIC] Saturday "all day" weekly ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by arc, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Start time too early (7-8am)

  2. Duration too long (10-12 hrs)

  3. Distance too great (500-700kms)

  4. My LAMS/250 etc bike won't cope

  5. Meet point inconvenient (usually CBDish)

  6. I don't like riding with people I don't know

  7. I want to know in advance where the ride is going

  8. I can't ride at the suggested level designation (typically level 4-5)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Seeking feedback from previous and prospective participants of this ride.


  2. Good Onya mate. I can never do this ride cos I'm always farking working Sats!
    Hence the Tues ride I've posted for next week.

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  3. Arc, I voted for 2 options in the poll and here is my 2 cents on the choice made.

    The options
    Duration too long (10-12 hrs) and Distance too great (500-700kms) in my opinion are not mutually exclusive. If it is going to be a 500-700 kms ride the duration has to be about 10 hours with breaks. So essentially ride distance and the time it takes is the limiting factor for me.

    Starting early on weekends (7 am or so) and it being a level 3-5 ride suits me. Cheers.
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  4. A couple of other reasons:

    -too many things on so haven't made it along for a while, i.e Christmas hols etc
    -licence preservation
    -not sure I can keep up so don't want to hold others up.
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  5. My little (vtr) fighter gets a hard enough workout on Thursdays - A full day would kill her.
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  6. I can't do the ride because nobody on the ride can do Level 4-5.
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  7. I can't do the ride because the Mrs discovered that I'd stolen my balls from her purse, and she took them back... 8-[

    The other reasons that have kept me from coming are:
    * Too much other stuff happening on the weekend, especially on Sat (ie: Mrs has my balls, so I have to do what she wants me to)
    * My left hip isn't improving (ie: the Mrs has my balls, so I can't push through the pain as much as I should be able to)

    As much as I want to come along, due to other comitments and the condition of my hip, I'm only good for five to six hours at the most. :(
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  8. For me its duration, distance and required skill - this is why I have stayed away - not because I don't want to :D

    When I feel as though I have graduated to that level (4-5) I'd want to have weekly ride like this on offer.
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  9. Hangover for me
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  10. Required skill is all that deters me. Start time and duration are fine :)
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  11. A.... I have a problem with the early start, the duration and the distance, but I must say I'm glad you do them on a sat cause you get Sunday to recover lol

    Cheers B
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  12. As we chatted on Thursday,
    None of the above!
    Like others, Saturdays are the best day for me to get stuff done around the house.
    Loved the SADR I've done before, but just don't get to do them often enough.
    Time,Distance, Level all fine with me, just the day.
    Will try to make some in the future though.
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  13. Surely you've heard the expression "herding cats"?
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  14. A bit of licence preservation for me at the moment..

    I think what we are seeing not just on this ride but all the advanced rides Arc; might be partly a result of where motorcyling is at in this nanny state we live in.

    A combination of over zealous enforcement from the plod and lowered speed limits everywhere leaves you with a catch 22.. You now need to speed to enjoy the road, but yet the risk of police harrasment is at an all time high. To avoid both problems you have to travel so far to find some sacred twisty 100 zone action.

    Personally for me 3-4 hours is perfect, yet everything in this range is (as I mentioned above) over enforced, speed lowered, and done to death. Take Reefton for example; 1.5 hours of 70 zones, to get to a lovely piece of road spoilt by being stuck in 2/3rd gear doing 80 all the way just in case the filth is hiding in the bushes with a LIDAR gun.

    2012 for me is looking like reduced leasurely road rides (ride to the rule) to reduce my exposure, then monthly track days to blow the cob webs and get it out of my system. I've gone on a few rides since getting the licence back, but I'm sticking to the back of the pack and meeting up at the next town :-(

    As a ride leader you get caught between a rock and a hard place, ride attendees want quick twisty roads, but yet some have a sook when they have to ride 50 minutes to get there. To make the sooking worse they arent prepared to lead themselves! So it's a tough one!
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  15. ^ what you said is sssssoooooooo true Sammy =D>
    I love to lead a ride but the pressure is always on to go even faster and find more twistie roads but the people who say this will not lead a ride, so leading a ride comes down to only a few people

    Be brave.....step up and lead a ride :)

    Cheers B
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  16. There's one fun road with a limit of 100k's that I know which isn't too far out of the city. However, one fun road isn't enough for a decent ride unless everyone was content to do a few laps. Not about to say where it is, just in case the nanny-state decides to make it an 80 zone...
  17. 1/ I lost my licence for 8 months, so havent been on any rides, Didnt even drive a car,
    2/ I had one ride on the Bird after getting my licence back, 3 days later, I left the country,
    3/ Been gone since Sept till mid December,
    4/ Been overseas, Like on the ocean, over seas. Hahahahahaha
    5/ After 7 weeks at sea, Wrecked my boat mid December, So been doing other things,
    6/ Have to stay definately under the limit. So I will be at the back of the pack,
    7/ Its now 3 or 4 hours to go any where there are good rides, Probably overnighters,

    I dont have a Lams bike,

    Riding with people I dont know,
    Weeeeell, after riding with them, I now know them, so they are not strangers any more,
    Thats how you get to know people and fellow riders,

    Try it, The people you dont know are quite friendly, and you can make some good friends as well.

    Level 4/5 I only have 4 points left. so wont be going there,

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  18. Andrew, not that I've been on one of these for obvious reasons of not being in Australia, but I say if you enjoy doing them - then keep on doing it! I for one would be attending each and every week if I was there and certainly hope you will be cracking on when I do get back to Melbourne.

    No one else seems to be flying the flag to do the same so seeing as you are taking the bull by the horns so speak I don't think you really need concern yourself with individual reasons.

    Just my thoughts mate - take care.

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  19. Time of year is bad for me that's all. Xmas, New years, family etc and as you know bikes been undergoing some changes of late. I've only done 50km since the chocolate hill run for Dougs Son.

    However I'll be honest and admit the 10-12 hauls are slightly excessive I think. I love riding as much as the next enthusiast but after about the 8 hour mark I would teleport home if I could. But the quality of your rides are great and if 10+ hours is all that's on offer I wont say no either.

    Oh and I won't name names but I've got a few decent stone chips on 3,000km old $400/panel paint as a direct result of a rear fenderless bikes. IMHO it's highly rude and disrespectful to spray rocks at fellow riders in the name of "looking cool". I like looking good too, I spend hours, days searching the interwebs for top end exclusive and rare wsbk/endurance/motogp level parts. I understand in the motorcycle world looking good is as desirable as function and performance but FFS, don't do it at the expense of a fellow riders pride and joy.
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  20. I've been reading all the responses with great interest, please keep your comments coming!

    If I were to do the poll now that I've read so many valuable replies I'd probably have a few more options and slightly reword those that are there now. Very useful information though.

    Thank you!
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