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Feedback on naked bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ride4fun, May 16, 2016.

  1. I'm looking for some feedback and advice in regards naked bikes that look good, has decent power, has good fuel consumption, is reliable, is comfortable and don't need to much additions or adjustments. My budget is between 7-9k ride away. Looking forward in hearing for some amazing people. Bikes I like so far are the yamaha mt 07 & mt 09 and Kawasaki ER6NL abs.

  2. Mt09
    Kawasaki z1000 gen 3 (2010 model +)
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  3. Are you on your LAMS or open licence?

    If Opens, then the MT-09 is hard to look past.
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  4. Open license. Do u have or have u riden mt 09 ?
  5. I've ridden one but Barters81Barters81 would be better qualified to tell you all about it as it was his bike.
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  6. There's also an immaculately-presented Yamaha FZ1 in the Bikes for Sale forum section. The Kawasaki Z1000 also has a lot of happy owners.
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  7. Mate, for that price range you simply can't beat the MT09. It compromises in places, like the suspension, to make it cheap enough for all to own.

    I've had mine for about 3 months and love it to bits. I commute everyday and go through the twisties on the weekend and the MT09 is great. Like I said, suspension can be a bit suss, especially if you're bigger guy. I'm 87kg with gear on and the suspension works great for street, but is at its limit when pushing hard.

    Does great wheelies, I often wonder why any other motors exist on motorbikes to be honest. It is sweet as candy.

    Check out this thread for a list of all the guys here who own one and the work they've done on them to date.

    MT-09 owners, hands up
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  8. They suck once you get over about 180 you want a fairing
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  9. I have a CB500F its pretty solid. LAMS approved but feels like a beast (please note my previous bike was a 125E)
  10. Yamaha XJR1300
    Under 10k for a Second hand one with very low km's.
    Plenty of grunt
    Looks old school cool
    Comfy for bigger trips & two up travels
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  11. Yep. MT09 or get a proper bike.......FZ1

    Mine is a 2008 with 22000 on it....paid $6500 with rwc and 12 months rego.
  12. Thanks guys.. appresciate your feedback
  13. Am I tripping out or is this the 3rd thread malteasermalteaser has started about same thing?
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  14. Isn't this Groundhog Day?
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  15. Isn't this Groundhog Day?
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  16. It could be.......... Or maybe the op does things in threes so to end this once and for all
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  17. I just
    I just wanted to hear more opinions from some other people. If you left your feedback you don't have to do it again. You are not tripping mate.. i know you and George have some amazing sense of humour. You should go to the comedy festival
  18. Perhaps he has his eye on a bike that hasn't been mentioned yet and he's waiting for it to come up to justify his decision.
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  19. Thanks
    Thanks mate... sometimes certain people wanna look cool by leaving smartarse comments... you re a smart man BMWRX... there should be more people like you... have a great day mate... thanks for your support and feedback
  20. Well I read BMWRXBMWRX comment as a bit tongue in cheek which makes you look a bit silly.
    I could be wrong though but I'd still be cool
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