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Feedback on-line purchaseMotorcycle Accessories.com.au

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by vette1, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. On Tuesday night, I enquired via the forum about Motorcycle Accessories as I wanted to make a helmet purchase but had never dealt with them before.

    I received prompt and positive feedback thanks to 'sir_b' & 'vic'. I also said I would provide feedback on my purchase after posing such a question about a Netrider advertiser.

    -I placed an order for a helmet on Tuesday night (late).
    -Yesterday afternoon they provided an email that the goods had been despatched (from Parramatta).
    -The helmet arrived to my door in Melbourne at 4.00 this afternoon with a hand written note of thanks for my purchase. :shock:
    -The goods were exactly what I ordered!!!

    My Summary?

    100% professional, extremely prompt, personal and great value for money.

    Based on this experience, I would recommend their on-line service and I commend such organisations that can offer such service to Netrider members.

    Thankyou! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. Good to hear to got the level of service as a Netrider should.

    Only problem I have though........they forgot to send me an AXO leather jacket size 60 as a gift with purchase :LOL: :LOL:
  3. *intensely jealous of those who can purchase off the rack*

    Stupid long limbs.
  4. Yeah and legsand I think its called "girth" too. :p :)
  5. Gees, I wouldn't be game to purchase riding gear online.

    I s'pose if you tried in on in a shop first it may be different.

    Just been through this with a friend who needs a different helmet for a trip from QLD to Broome via the cape, she was after my opinion of the BMW system4.

    Good riding gear lasts for ages, my son wears my old belstaff jacket on tour, and it's a 1980 model!
  6. I've bought from them B4 as well.. Never have to worry bout these guys.
    They reputable
  7. Its how U can make gr8 savings compared to buying retail.
    Nothing I have is retail, including 2 bikes. Everything bought
    online :cool:
  8. May i suggest that you post a link to this thread with your comments to the supplier to let them know how happy you are with thier service, happy enough to spread the word.

    Its the only incentive they have to continue to do it...
  9. i brought my disc lock from them.. found them the same way.. professional, fast, and excellent service..

    i wouldnt be worried about them.. but how did australia post go handling your helmet? id buy anything from there except helmets for that reason.. but its a personal choice and im glad you found it worthwhile.
  10. I've also bought off them (both internet and their actual shop in sydney) and they were great. Their web site is pretty good too.. No i dont work for them haha
  11. The helmet came via Air Express NOT Australia Post - Lucky huh??? I would still be waiting.

    As for the link to give them feedback... Good Idea!

  12. Australian Air Express is owned by Australia Post :)