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Feedback on Hyosung 650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rc36, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. This bike is getting lots of good press, especially in NSW with its ability to be both a LAMS and unrestricted bike.

    Do any forum members have any feedback on the bike? Own one? Ridden one? Know someone who owns one? Know someone who WISHES they owned one???
  2. i walked past one on friday and it was ugly, does that count?
  3. Ridden one

    I had a ride on one before I bought the Hornet, (interest in things Korean since I work for a Korean company)
    It was my first ride on anything after 20 years away, and it felt ok, but I thought the front brake was lacking in feel, if that's the best way to describe it. I guess the advertising is creating awareness, but I'm not sure that I've seen one on the road yet.
  4. There's already been a bit of feedback floating around here (but might've been culled by now).
    After a goood hour on the 650 one can't say too much, but....it's a good, honest jigger, perfect commuter and with a bit of work on brakes/ suspension fairly equal to the SV650 the engine is based on.
    Built-quality is down a bit, as is the price..but as usual...what's gained on the swing is lost on the merry-go-round, resale values are pretty dead.
    Seeing quite a few on the roads in Melb lately, the importer is reported to provide real interest and good, generous backup.
    Spares are dirt-cheap compared to other brands.
    Wouldn't mind one as an everyday-runabout.
  5. There's a review in the latest edition of AMCN. Says it's a resonable all rounder and got a bit of get up and go for a budget price but it does have a wooden front brake and clunky first gear. Bike was originally naked but I think the article says that it is now fully faired, for $9390, I think.
  6. The only thing I'd be concerned about is the resale value of this one, but from what i've read it looks a decent bike as long as your not overly interested in off the shelf sports performance.
  7. You can get it nkaed, half fairing or full fairing. They are called GT650, GT650S and GT650R respectively. Each model up costs alittle bit more.

    Here is a link to the model's available:

    Hyosung model line-up
  8. Thanks everyone. My son-in-law is looking at options at the moment as his zzr250 is pretty pov.
  9. Stand by for the prices on them to plummet when the Kwak ER-6n arrives at the end of the year...
  10. Crikey! :shock:
    They would almost be giving them away if they got cheaper!
    I had a look at one, but from owning a Honda previously, the build quality and finish just wasn't there.
    My 2 cents :wink:
  11. The Kwaka forum has just finished having a 3-day conference on the topic, with workshops and everyfink...

    Being a more modest bike than the Z750, the ER-6n is also going to have to be cheaper by a grand or so, and with the former selling for just north of ten grand if you bargain hard, the latter is going to have to be around nine grand, again with bargaining factored in.

    At that sort of money, it's going to be only a few hundred bucks more expensive than the Hyosung, and it'll be lighter and smaller (very important for the commuter/n00b demographic) than it. If Kawasaki were to offer it with a "dealer-removable" throttle stop to keep it LAMS-compliant, it'll only be the most serious fashion victims who go for the restricted Ducati 620ie.
  12. Hi.
    Bought one new, GT 650 (naked) not long after it came out. Can't complain about the price at the time - bloody good, and the extra power. Better to have a bit more than not enough - when compared to the ER500 and GS 500 at the time. Must say I would have bought the GS if the price was more reasonable. Thought the ER then was too pricey for even older technology - compared to the GS. Extra rego to pay in South Australia for the extra 50cc pass 600cc. Unfortunate - but still worth it.

    All you read in the mags is true re wooden brakes - just ride accordingly and change them when worn. Built quality is nothing like the other Honda CBR600RR I own, of course.... ! But otherwise a great runabout. I have no probs with the bike/suspension given my weight and height: 67kg/167cm. Rode to Philip Island - two years ago. Get a faired bike - half or full is up to you. Best to have some wind/cold protection (this is just a general comment re all bikes). On the other hand, great for summer riding and the feel of the wind on your chest.

    Supoort is great. Warranty is excellent.
  13. Rode the naked version last year - rough around the edges, noticeable vibration - but you can't argue with the price.
  14. We have a WINNER

    PS, you ticked all the boxes, facts instead of opnions, and blather about what MIGHT be happening with another manufacturer. (NOTE: first rule of every exam is READ THE QUESTIONS before answering)
    I am interested in your positive comments regarding warranty, that's good news, because buying the bike of any sort is only part of the overall "satisfaction" equation. Good stuff!
  15. Rode Staffords demo last year.
    Brakes were strange, nothing until they heated a little then decent bite but no feel from the lever. You'd get used to it I reckon but grabs your attention at first.
    This was one of the early models which had an issue with the shift throw, an update kit was fitted by the importers and the later models are supposedly better. Even with the kit the shift wasn't the greatest but no false neutrals or misses.
    Decent spec. components but obviously built to a price.
    For a workhorse or commuter you cant ignore it as good value for money, just be prepared for a few compromises which you will probably not notice after a month.
  16. Guys you have done briliiantly, thank you


    I'll pass on this valuable info to my son-in-law.

    Thanks again.
  17. I went and had a look at one twelve months ago and again more recently.

    My impression of the appearence is the radiator looks rediculas on the naked. This was obviously fixed by the full fairing version, which I quite like the look of. Although I am not a fan of the verticle headlight trend at the moment.

    I havn't seen a half faired version in the flesh, but I like the idea.

    The only other thing I noticed was the tail piece looks a bit too wide and the split seats were a bit silly on a naked bike. It makes a bit more sence on the full faired version.

    It is interesting to compare it to the SV650. It has the same engine, but makes more power and it has upside-down folks. Whether cheaper upside-downs are better than good conventionals, is a different question, as is are the Hyosung items cheap ones.

    I'd seriously consider buying one. if I was looking at the moment. It would be interesting to see a comparison with the z750, which I see as good value.
  18. One of the owners of the Yamaha place where I take My Hyosung Aquila currently rides a GT650S after having a 650 Comet since it's release and has loved them both... He has mentioned to me that he likes the 650S more than the comet and that Hyosung just seem to be getting better... all he changed was the exaust to an aftermarket and he thinks it's great...
  19. Hi there.. Despite some negative remarks on the finish quality and the lack of feeling in regards to the front break, i purchased one. Picked it up yesterday, and being my first roadbike, i am more than please. Obviously i cannot express an accurate opinion, being a 'learner' rider on the road for the first time however i find it quite suitable for myself and recommend it to any person in my situation.
    I was going for the ZZR-250 due to my height (wanted a CBR250RR).. fortunatley i stumbled onto the GT650R, and being learner legal it was just too tempting. And of course its a bonus to have the bike unrestricted when i'm off my p's.
    I'm somewhat dissapointed with the final build quality of the bike, dont get me wrong, it's a very solid bike.. it just could have been 'rounded' off better.. but hey, not many people get a microscope out and start finding all the flaws right?
    All in all, a good buy.
  20. Burnzy, welcome to our fabulous forum.

    How about you keep us up-to-date with a "new bike" diary on this exciting purchase? I'm sure many here would be interested; perhaps observations as they come to mind, and maybe a summation at the end of each week?