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Feedback from Hyosung GT250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250R owners

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Dehon, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Seeking feedback from Hyosung GT250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250R owners

    Hi all.

    I’m looking at getting a 250 bike and am divided atm between the Kawasaki Ninja 250R and the Hyosung GT250R.

    Quick ring around to the very limited dealerships in Canberra and a look at spec sheets has gotten me the following comparisons.

    Hyosung ($7500 ride away)      Kawasaki ($7500 ride away)
    4 stroke                       4 stroke
    Oil/Air cooled                 Liquid cooled
    249cc                          249cc
    5 speed                        6 speed
    Front USD forks                Normal forks
    Front twin discs               Front single petal disc
    17lt tank                      18lt tank
    F/R 110/70 – 150/70            F/R 110/70 – 130/70
    168kg dry                      151kg dry
    24 mths unlimited warranty     24 mths unlimited warranty
    First consideration for me is the ‘fit’ of the bike as I’m 6’ 2†tall. Second is that this will be a long term ownership, not something to see me thru my L’s or P’s so resale value is not a consideration at this point in time.

    I guess I’m after feedback from people who have either one or the other of the two bikes. I’m looking for things like; how comfortable are they; what’s the fuel efficiency like; how are they for power; having a 6 speed advantageous over a 5 speed; is liquid cooled better than oil/air; what difference does USD forks make.

    While I will be able to ride a demo Hyosung this weekend, there are no demo Ninja’s to ride, and I’ll be lucky if the Kawasaki dealer actually even has one in stock just to sit on for size.

    Any help and/or feedback greatly appreciated.

    Oh and I’m not after any pocket rockets like the CBR/FZR/etc. I like my balls right where they are. :LOL:

    Cheers !
  2. I hope you've read the Hyosung threads - specifically about all the problems that many owners have posted about.

    For the same price i'd go Kawasaki - I'm not a brand slut, but I've read reviews (search google) that say its THE bike to get in its class, and I've read a lot of badness about Hyosung (even my HART trainer was bagging them).

    Kawasaki = Kawasaki!!

    Hyosung = Daewoo of motorcycles
  3. For long term ownership the Hyo is the best option, it'll spend so long at the mechanics it'll never wear out :LOL:.

    Definitely go the Kwaka, although sold as a new model it's really just an update of a proven design that dates back a hell of a long way, so you can't go too wrong as far as reliability goes.

    Stuff like USD forks and twin discs are really more for show than anything else as far as 250s go. Not having them certainly won't make it any harder to learn how to ride (or enjoy riding).
  4. Yep have read heaps of them, however was wondering if there were any satisfied Hyosung owners so as for a different viewpoint to the criticism the Hyosungs always seem to receive. That being said perhaps there aren't any satisfied Hyosung owners...?
  5. One satisifed owner is not a reason to buy something.
    A lack of dissatisfied ones is.
  6. Yeah I loved mine [Comet], 30,000kms over 2 years everyday rider, no major issues. But I do like the kwaka ninja but for the money you want to spend why not look at at a VTR250??

    But as a long term prop I wouldn't get a 250! The power to weight ratio os crap and in ACT I understand you have a LAMs system.
  7. Just maybe the satisfied owners haven't bothered posting just yet. :LOL:
  8. I have a thing for faired bikes. And yes we use LAMs but I'm not overly concerned with getting a big bike. Have owned a 500cc before, it was ok but all I'm looking at is a daily commuter, occassional stretch of the legs on a weekend, and something that looks a little snazzy!
  9. Yeah if you do have the option of LAMS and want a faired bike be sure to have a look at the Suzuki GS500F. It'd make a much better long-term prospect than a 250.
  10. Have already owned and, regretably due to personal circumstances, sold one of those however this time around would like something a bit different.
  11. :rofl:

    Oh so true jd :LOL: The last time my Hyosung GT250R was at the mechanics it took 3 x months to get repaired!

    OP - don't go NEAR the Hyosungs! Do a search of these forums and you'll more more unhappy owners (me included) than happy ones. They're mechanically pieces of shit. Having said that, they're quite enjoyable to ride... when they're not breaking down of course.

    Ninja250R? Can't comment, but Kawasaki is a well known brand with solid history behind them.

    Also, don't believe the stories about Hyosung building the Suzuki SV650's. There is no proof ANYWHERE of this except Hyosung owners ramblings on internet forums trying to justify their purchases.
  12. Re: Feedback from Hyosung GT250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250R own

  13. Re: Feedback from Hyosung GT250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250R own

    This, right here, should tell you something already about the differences between these two bikes and their future resale potential.

    Go the Kwaka :cool:
  14. You wont be able to get much more than a run in review at the moment, I got one of the first Ninjas and am putting it in for the first service this week.

    Also I don't have a lot to compare it to as it is my first bike (on the road), but so far this bike is everything I could have wanted from a bike.

    Being that I've only done 900kms so far, I'm just starting to open her up and have found that it does have the power for anything from a cruise down to the shops, a run though the park (twisties) and capable of long trips 4 1/2hrs in one trip was no probs and comfortable.

    The handling is great, very easy to throw through the traffic, both stationary & moving and through the corners.

    As a new rider riding through the Nasho in Syd is something looked forward to and was happy to cruise at my own pace the first few times through, whenever the more experienced riders on bigger passed me I felt I gave it a bit more to see the pace other riders were taking through and the bike held the lines well, I can't wait to make another run through after the service.
  15. Cheers GC, this is the sort of stuff I am after. Can I ask how tall you are and if you feel the bike is of a good fit for your height?
  16. I'm 5'10" and about 70kgs so not really an indication of weather the bike is a good fit for you, but I have met taller guys who look bigger on the bike but still find it comfortable.

    When I first got it and was 'putting' around under 6rpm there was a time I thought to myself, I could go a bigger bike. Though now that I'm actually starting to give it a bit the thought hasn't crossed my mind since.
  17. Nice shot, they definitely get my preference in the looks department, and judging by all the comments, Kawasaki is the way I should be headed. Loan application submitted.

    Still if anyone has further comments on either bike, good or bad, happy to hear them.
  18. I know you've said previously you have already had a GS500 but this would really be a better bike for you considering your height. Sit on a GPX and you will see what the new Ninja feels like as they are basically the same bike.

    Personally I would go a GS500 over a new Ninja just for practicality and extra torque. But what ever you decide on stay away from Hyosongs!
  19. This is the ONLY Hyosung I'd like to own...