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VIC Federal support for PTW: at last

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Heli, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Scooter solution to woes

    I have less than no time for Albanese, but this could be a game changer when dealing with the TAC and VicPol with their ingrained anti PTW mindset :cool:
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  2. Thank you HUN for the very excellent headline!

    Anyone land a copy of the report?
  3. Bloody herald sun website is useless they only now provide the first paragraph
  4. Even made it onto ABC news radio as a short grab. Not bad. (y)
  5. Trick is to Google 'Herald Sun' followed by the article headline, you'll then see the full article. But I did copy and quote it to save you the trouble in the OP.... ;)
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  6. Downloadable reports here: lots of data on bicycle use (of course!) but wading through to find what they actually say about PTWs.
  7. This, with the filtering trial in Sydney, is another step in the right direction.
  8. It was in the Fin Review as well (also behind a paywall so no link) page 5 or something. Synopsis was that we need solutions such as scooters and motorcycles for cities. Had a pic of a scooter rider. Pretty positive
  9. Well, I thought it would be a few years before I saw such an openly motorcyle friendly section in a transport policy type document, but here is an official government report that on pages 81 - 83 gives a positive account of the history of motorcycling in Australia. There isn't one negative aspersion tarring all riders with the same brush AND there's even a non disparaging mention of filtering / splitting. Awesome. Whomever the contributing author was gets my thanks!

    This graph says volumes:
    Motorcycles on the road 1900 onwards.
  10. The most puzzling but pleasing thing here is that Albanese appears to have cherry-picked PTWs out of the report for comment. Of course there are other aspects to be mentioned but it almost appears to be a considered strategy, with some media support.
    Has someone connected just got their license?
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    A couple of federal MPs ride bikes.
  12. Shaun Lennard - AMC chairman has been chipping away at the pollies for years... this relationship building and the annual pollie ride may actually be starting to bear fruit.
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  13. The narrative associated with the graph (in two parts 'cos of The System rejecting a large quote ;) ):

  14. Part the Second:

  15. any idea what caused that dip in the 50's and 60's Rob?

    EDIT: don't worry... says it was the depression.
  16. Umm... depression? in 50's and 60's? That doesn't seem right to me.
  17. Depression? Australia was in growth frim the end of the great depression to the early 70s IIRC. I would hazard a guess that the steady decline between 1952 and 1967 was due more the the increasing availablity of affordable cars replacing motorcycles as transport. A decline arrested by the arrival of cheap Japanese bikes?
  18. G'day Minglis :) Long time no talk.

    Article says the following:
  19. So consider yourself corrected :)
  20. Thanks Rob, that's what I thought.