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Federal Labor/Conroy tries to censor Youtube.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by QuarterWit, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. From here....


    Conroy is fast approaching the status of the biggest prick federal government has ever seen.

  2. True, but it's fkn depressing when Australia's web infrastructure is so far behind the rest of the world thanks to the Howard communications ministers, and instead of getting on with fixing that up Conroy is pushing this kind of bollocks. Bloody disappointing.
  3. Resmen, anything can be bypassed, but if you're breaking a federal law doing so... that's a nasty area.
  4. Look at the bright side when it comes to Conroy
    He will grow old and he will will DIE!
    It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen
  5. +1
    Friggin sad aint it mate.
  6. That an Australian government minister should even imply that "if China does it, it's OK for Australia" is quite shocking.
  7. Not soon enough.

    He should wash his mouth out with buckshot.
  8. There's a bit of a scandal brewing around him at the moment (aside from this one I mean) - jobs for the boys stuff. Be nice if he loses the portfolio and they use that as an excuse to quietly drop the idea.

  9. Any links? Will do what I can to get 'em spread around.
  10. so does this still mean I am a tin foil hat wearer ? -- I have been saying for years the man want to put us in a tyranny inch by inch
  11. I trust everyone will be voting out chairman rudd at the next convenience.
  12. Hell no: the other lot would be far, far worse in all sorts of ways. Haven't you been listening to the Mad Monk?
  13. The belief that you only have two choices is one aim of both parties; you don't have to vote for which fox you want to run the hen house. If you want change you MUST vote independent or you will just get more of the same- end political rant.
  14. Given a viable and not excessively reactionary opposition, the net filter would definitely be a vote changer for me, if only for the one election.

    As what may be broadly called a left-libertarian, I find myself increasingly without representative candidates to vote for and so I may be forced to vote informal for the first time in my life.
  15. And what exactly has the 'Mad Monk' been saying? Everyone digs at Abbott, but at least you know what you're getting. I'd rather vote for someone and have an idea that at least some of what they're proposing I don't agree with than the current situation where we have supposedly left leaning ALP politicians who are more right wing in their religious views than Abbott and are not exactly open about their agenda.
  16. Did you notice how last week the members of AFACT, after losing their case against IINET indicated that they were interested in what Conroy had to say on the matter. Interesting, because I don't see how copyright theft is anything to do with the minister for communications, other than some of the theft is taking place using the internet as a transport medium. Unless they were hoping to add their needs to the broadband filter....Blocking content and file sharing using common protocols is not hard and, aside from the grind it will take to perform the work, relatively painless. Want to download the latest Hollywood blockbuster via your favourite file sharing too, nup, that won't happen.

    The proposal and the tender for the filter also, IIRC, required the ability to monitor and filter IM traffic too. So nothing will be sacred. And all to protect the children, who, of course, won't be protected, either from online content or the people who prey on vulnerable kids for their sexual kicks. Most children are abused by close family friends or family members, not abducted and abused.

    Tin foil, I've got my industrial strength order in now. As any IT professional who's worked in the field, if you can filter you can monitor and log. IP addresses allocated by the ISP to the client could be logged and any and all websites recorded for posterity. Don't laugh or think it won't happen as there are laws being considered in the EU to store ALL email traffic for a period of time. Apparently this will stop terrorism.
  17. The problem is, non-reactionary oppositions have a hard time getting elected. Crean, Beazley etc. And when somebody comes to the plate with the "I have a dream" mentality they turn out to be oddballs we have in place now.