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Federal Governemnt Backflip

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dazza, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. So the Labour government have been in power for a few weeks and on the news tonight it was mentioned that they are wanting to water down the Bali Declaration for hold on..........hold the shoe phone................

    Economic reasons :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    This was the same excuse/reason given by the liberals, that was totally scoffed at and ridiculed by Labour.

    Is anyone really surprised the Labour Government would say anything like the mantra they drolled out about the signing the Kyoto Protocol was a land grab for votes :wink:

    Push comes to shove it appears that this government are also just the same bunch of tossers dressed up in catchy jingos and catchprases :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:

  2. perhaps if you had paid attention you would have realised that it was always on the cards and this isn't a backflip from what they actually said during the campaign. Rudd stated it specifically.

    but never mind, they're the idiots
  3. Interesting some of the media feedback.



    '"We don't want to start out with numbers," Watson told a news conference, adding that the 25-40 percent range was based on "many uncertainties" and a small number of scientific studies by the U.N. Climate Panel, a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

    We surprise here....not.

    I have been getting a bit of feedback from the Bali contingent and its clear that there is much more propoganda coming out of the offical line (media reports) that is going on inside.

    Here is some of the media's best rubbish:



    There is a lot of debate around the accuracy of targets and the latest data to support it. I think the cavalier attitude is coming home to roost.

    Love it.
  4. One also needs to consider too, that it's one thing to go spouting policy and "we'd do this if we were in power.." and so on. It's another matter entirely when suddenly you're called to put up or shut up if you win government.

    You find out that the scrutiny is on you and you will be judged on how you perform and the results that you may achieve.

    Garrett also learned a huge lesson of politics when he discovered that his idealistic world of greeniness and aborigines getting ownership of Oz was nothing like how it really works in the real world. He had to compromise his ideals, if indeed, he really had any.

    It was one thing to sing about Blue Sky Mining companies from the luxury of his recording studio (and to rake in the millions from the electronically produced CDs that involves power generation, chemical processes etc. to create the end product). It's another when he has to deal with these companies at governmental level.

    Of course, he could've stood as a Greens candidate, but he didn't, because he knew that he'd be still just that - a potential Greens candidate.
  5. Dunno about yours, but my vote had nothing to do with Kyoto.
  6. I've got the sponge and mop bucket ready for all the lickspittle thats gonna start.
    YA LOST !
  7. Holy shit!

    A Dazza post I think is absolutely spot on!

  8. :WStupid:
  9. :WStupid: but many did :p

    Cheers :cool:
  10. sorry but you are wrong, now please keep up, theres a good chap.

    Cheers :cool:
  11. LOl i think he was screwed over by the labour party since they took power away from enviromental portfolio and made a climate change portfolio (what a joke)

    And i think if u dig u will see some of his values dont adhere to the greens morals. so loabour was a good choice for him.

    Also australians in large dont want to pay for climate change and have long ago adopted Howards view
  12. Well, he can't really win with you, can he? If he'd leapt in with both feet to the (new proposal at Bali, not something that was even on the table during the election) of 25-40% reductions you'd be all over him. Instead he chooses a more careful, measured approach with an eye to the economy and waiting on a detailed Australian report... and you're still all over him!

    Short of reintroducing the Australian tongue to the American sphincter and disavowing attempts to reduce emissions at all, there's just no winning... so why should the government even listen to your views?
  13. I wonder just how long it's gonna take for the Lib voters to get over this loss???
  14. When the gloating stops. I loved it when Kerry O'Brien said during the election night: "It's been a decisive win for the ABC" Whoopsie. :grin:

    Rudd's sat down in Bali and had the figures thrust under his nose. And promptly crapped himself. He's already showing a complete lack of leadership in his shifting stance at our first big international conference.

    Libs will be back. Australia needed to be reminded anyway.

  15. http://www.businessgreen.com/business-green/news/2202352/australian-leaders-insist-join

    i'm confused here, is he backflipping on his aforementioned backflip?

    rudd also stated that he would wait until treasury had completed an impact study before outlining the things we would undertake. He said it constantly throughout the campaign. This is not the direct quote but it is fairly indicative of the idea:

    but don't worry... it must be a backflip because you said it with conviction.
  16. About 3.5 years :arrow: when Iemma's voted out.
  17. I thought Rudd was PM :?
  18. He is.

    Probably will be for a 2nd term unless he screws up HUGE.
    But the first Coalition consolation prize on the horizon is the NSW state election which, I'm pretty sure, will be a Liberal win.
  19. I hope so, I think it will be unhealthy to have an across the board labor government. too easy for them to pretend that it is a mandate for extreme ideas...
  20. True, but that's not enough argument on its own to elect the Libs - they need to earn it. Certainly the recent 'leadership' (using the term extremely loosely) debacle in the Queensland Libs shows that they're miles from being an electable alternative government here.

    I'm a big fan of strong oppositions and 'keeping the bastards honest', and for that reason I really hope the conservative side of politics in Australia undergoes some major renewal soon.