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Federal election result gives no mandate

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Ride Alot, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. The best thing about this federal election result is that no party has any mandate to bring about any major change.

    No ETS, no carbon pollution reduction scheme, no identity card, no Work Choices, no nothing.

    I love this country. Just when you think we’re stuffed the good people of Australia hit the pollies for a six.

    The Labor party, the Liberal party and their big business supporter mates are pretty much screwed for this term.
  2. Last night in Gillard's speech she pinched a line from Clinton saying that the voters have spoken, it's just that we don't know what they said.

    She is so wrong. The voters have said that both parties are unworthy of government. That we're sick of pollies repeating the same lines over and over again. We're sick of the policy vacuum. We're sick of the negative campaigns. We're sick of 'small target' politics. We want vision. We want conviction.

    I'm glad I voted Green.
  3. Am i correct in saying that greens give their preferences to labor? So you may have pretty much voted for labor?
  4. It depends on how you vote. The voter decides preferences.
  5. A vote for the Greens IS a vote for Labor, one way or the other. The Greens are the watermelon party. Green on the outside, red on the inside.
  6. Bob Katter has said that he and the other two ex-National party members will vote as a block

    sayonara Julia

    as for the 'no mandata' matra, that's always the cry of the loser; this is a democracy, and one vote more than the other bloke's IS a mandate, otherwise there's no democracy
  7. Well my vote did eventually go to Labor as I put them second last and the Libs last.

    It does make a difference when there is such an Australia wide Greens vote.

    My vote in the senate counted tho. The Greens got a senator in Victoria and now have a total of 9 senators.

  8. I'm not sure they will go with the Coalition. There is a lot of bad blood between the Nats and these independents.

    Also, the NBN is critical for country Australia.
  9. see yas in a year when the voting starts again, nothing will get passed in Parliament and a new election will be called, but i'm proud of us Aussies, we all pretty much told them we are sick of their crap
  10. Shirley you cant be serious? What of their policy seems communist to you (as opposed to being a socialist-democratic party)?

    People all too often get all McCarthy without really appreciating the subtleties of our own system of government.

    It aint as easy to define as capitalist = good, communist = bad.

    But yeah - down with Gillard, that godless unmarried lesbian communist nazi socialist baby-eating pensioner punching feminist.


  11. Tis true - will be difficult to get some stuff through but if the greens hold the balance then it wont be impossible.

    one good outcome is that industry groups and corporate bigshots will not (in theory at least?) be able to apply as much pressure to the parties this time around. Too much cowtowing to the miners last time and not enough balls for the party to stick through tough times.

    Ultimately, boning rudd lost labor a majority.
  12. It would electroal suicide for any of the three to support Labor; they'd never get re-elected.
  13. Maybe on gay marriage, boat-monsters, and women in the work place. But on the NBN the folk way out west are very tech savvy.
  14. this guy for prime minister

  15. I think they lost because they ran a terrible campaign. They just failed to sell a positive message. Even the last Gillard speech just said beware of Abbott bringing back WorkChoices. Labor panicked.

    They should have been selling their positive economy message.
  16. I see your dude at the beach and raise you the old spice guy with a chainsaw (for PM).


  17. Not if they deliver positive outcomes for the bush. 12 years of a Coalition government and there was little done for the bush. This is why these three left the Nats.
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  19. Gee, good of you to post a photo of yourself, Roaster....
  20. Yup, policy is made in big cities for big cities mostly by big city people. Anything for rural areas tends to come about as an afterthought and many rural citizens are sick and tired of being treated as second class citizens.

    And before the city people run the old 'we chose to live in the country' line 'deal with it', we do. We just want a fair go when we're required to deal with it instead of having rules and regulations designed for use in cities and often not suitable for rural areas forced upon us. In most cases rural use isn't even a consideration.

    Take my industry, I run a bus company. The law says buses have to be Disability Discrimination Act compliant in order to maximise accessibility and I've got no problem with that.

    So what do they do? They mandate a flip out ramp design that requires curb and channel to work! And then they make it a requirement that DDA compliant buses use THAT method despite the fact that there are little or no curb and channel footpaths. Wheel chair lifts, despite being the only suitable access type for unmade footpaths can no longer be fitted to large buses on government contracts (there are some in use from before these regs).

    Or the electronic ticketing systems that the government decided not to rle out into many rural areas because the passenger volumes didn't warrant it (which is fair enough), but then they made regulations that required operators to produce the documents which the electronic ticketing systems only are capable or producing because... "all operators have electronic ticketing machines" (based on the city survey operator figures they used).

    That's just two examples (and I've got many more) from one rural industry (but I hear similar stories from other rural people every week) and to be honest we're sick of it.

    We don't want special treatment, we just don't want to be forgotten when the government regulate.

    The only thing I find surprising is that there aren't MORE country independents!