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Fed up

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rob, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I have not posted much on this forum but I do read it reglarly. I am writing this post basically because I am giving biking away. I am 41 years old & have had a bike for 5 years. When I first got my licence I thought I would go on fun rides with people around my age. What I found was that the blokes (& girl) I rode with did not seem to obey any road rules, would constantly speed, lane split, change lanes without indicating & generally ride carelessly, needless to say I was witness to 2 offs & half a dozen near misses. It seems that even mature riders act like morons. Every day on this forum I read of people coming off their bikes, almost every week I hear of riders dying or getting injured on the news. Why does this happen so bloody often among the general riding public. Its no wonder we have such a bad image. Sorry if I sound like a pesimist but I value my life & have too much to live for. It seems that motorcycling is not the realm of responsible people so my bike is sold & my riding days are over for good. As a group I implore you to please take more care out there.

  2. Well another happy customer!

  3. why sell because of other idiots

    you could have joined a Ulysses club , i am sure they would have been just what you wanted
  4. So you're quitting because you can't be bothered introducing yourself to new people? :-s It's your call mate. :?
  5. The BMW Motorcycle owners club of Victoria or most of the Ulysses branches (as already pointed out by Johnnie5) would have suited your riding needs.

    If you want to give up riding fine, just realize that you are making excuses not giving reasons.
  6. Yeah mate, if you're a sensible rider and stick within your limits, who cares about other people?
  7. plenty of people speeding in cars out there too, may as well hand your licence in and catch the bus and train... hang on i hear allot of them are drunk or on drugs so no public transport for you either.I'd suggest locking yourself in your house and never go out side.


    try harder and meet like minded people
  8. Ever considered offering to mentor newer riders around your age bracket? You could help people and go on rides at the speed you desire. You might even make some new friends.
  9. dude the good image about us is that we are badddd, a very BADD ASSS
  10. i like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight. :butt:
  11. Rob, sounds as if you haven't networked very well, so you haven't found a group that ride like you. Not everyone wants to hoon around.

    If you're not inclined to speed and split, why would you just coz others do? It sounds like your experience has amply proven to you that the biggest safety feature on a bike is the rider and their attitude. If you can't see that, then maybe you should give it away.

    Also sounds like you're looking for externalised reasons to justify giving riding away. Be honest with yourself mate. If you can't justify riding a bike for it's own intrinsic pleasure then riding is not for you. Don't put it on the people around you, because for one, your random sample is barely statistically significant... and for two, of the 100's of posts a week, only a a handful are about offs - they are NOT the majority. (having said that though, I'd be happy if there weren't ANY)

    Anyway, since your getting out, what are you riding, when are you going to sell and how much are you asking for your bike?

    By the way, +1 on the reminder to be safe message. On that point, I'm in total agreement with you.
  12. People come off their bikes due to inexperience, bad weather/road/etc conditions, but most of all, retarded car drivers plowing into us. I was merged into again on macquarie street on the way home, but thats a seriously hectic street for bad drivers (mainly taxis) so as soon as he started to move into me my horn was blasting.. well neeping.

    Maybe you need to change who you ride with if you're not happy with the way they ride / get off your high horse - $hit happens.
  13. oooooh, nuthin like a hot button topic to generate massive post turnover! :LOL:
  14. ahh looks like Rob has left the building
  15. You hear alot about motorbike accidents and deaths maybe because..... its a motorbike forum? Theres alot of new rides joining up with not much experience and statisticaly you are more likely to have an accident. If you joined a learners car drivers forum (if one exists) im sure you would also hear about alot of accidents and near misses too. Oh and what about ye old holiday season? At around that time they don't even bother to cover the deaths of people in car accidents, they just have a tally going.

    You just have to find a group of people that are like you (many already mentioned) and i'm sure you will hear alot more about the great rides they have been on, instead of what accidents they have had.
  16. Paging lowercase, I have the riding buddy for you :p
  17. Maybe my networking methods wern't the best. I ride with guys from work & friends of theirs. Being new to riding, I can only get an idea of what the typical rider behaves like through them. Most of them seem to be responsible mature people until they get on their bikes. It depresses me to see them risking so much. Maybe I was hasty in my decision to sell my bike & maybe groups like the Ulysses club are for me. In the 5 years I have been riding, I have noticed maybe 6 riders that I could class as being careful & responsible. I am not on my high horse nor am I looking for a reason to give it away. I have 2 young children & want to be around to watch them grow up. If I continued riding with my current group I feel an accident just around the corner.

  18. Simple - if you dont like the way & how they ride, then dont ride with them! Ride solo or ride with charity events or find other riders similiar to yourself to ride with.

    Thats actually a really good idea :)
  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Yeah, or me! :grin:
  20. Rob

    My god, stiffen that upper lip my friend. you were just hanging out with the wrong riders, thats all.

    Do you not fly because every now and then you hear an airplane has crashed killing all on board?
    Do you not drive a car because you hear time and time again hoons killing themselves due to reckless driving
    Do you not fall in love because people fall out of love and get hurt

    Jesus maria and stone the flaming crows, you could find an excuse to not do anything if you really wanted to.

    Buck up Rob, go by yourself a nice beautiful BMW and join a cruising club, and leave the crazy riding up to riders like me.