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Fecking Rain

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Enough said :roll:

    Least its even now..
  2. H




  3. Rain, that mythical stuff that falls from the sky?

    Praying that it rains tomorrow and clears up for Sunday!!
  4. Lesson learnt - be REALLY REALLY careful when its rains after ages of not raining - apparently REALLY careful isn't enough!!!
  5. O-Oh, got a feeling there's a slightly longer story than just 'fecking rain'...
  6. Yeah but its not a story that hasn't been heard 1000x before.
  7. Well, well wishes from me, hope you and your kwaka are ok and the rain heads out to Grafton or somewhere where it's actually needed!
  8. Thanks.

    Second time so its a 'I'm over it' moment. Just gonna get it fixed 100% then sell it in prep for the next NAKED bike with OGGYS.
  9. We need it to rain for at least a week in Melb, and Victoria in general
  10. Sorry phizog :(
    Not too badly damaged I hope
    I don't particularly enjoy the rain, but yep .. extra careful when its just started raining. I try to wait until its rained a bit and hopefully washed all the oily shit off the roads.
    I havent had an 'off' yet ( Did I say 'yet' ? :shock: )
    .. and I am :eek:hno: shitless, as I know its gonna happen, and more than likely it wont be the only 'off'.
  11. Sorry to hear about your off mate, but be careful bad mouthing rain, that's a hanging offence in these parts.

    Perhaps it would be more accurate to complain about wet roads? You can do that all day long.
  12. sorry to hear, but we do need details..............ya know a naked honda is the way to go!!! :worthlesspics:
  13. nearly lost it last night to, heavy rain, left hand turn through what must have been deep water or a bit of oil on the road (was night on some quite, badly lit road)

    felt the front end going but just... just managed to save it, foot actually went down on the ground.

    lucky i was taking it easier then normal but it defiantly shows, sometimes careful ain't careful enough
  14. I rode to work ......about 100metresthen went home and got the car :p

    stuff THAT!! :wink:
  15. I had my first rain ride yesterday afternoon. I took it verrrry slow around corners. I felt the back slip a little :shock: which made me extra cautious!

    It was amazing to see how many rainbows were on the road!! At one point there was no where to ride other than over one!
    I just hope it pours down today to wash it all away for us :)

    So Phizdog, what happened? I know you mentioned that it's been talked about 1000x before but not all of us read all the threads and it's real life experiences that teach us. I'm sorry to hear about it, I'm glad you're OK though.