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Feck! Xbox Harddrive Shit itself!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by RGVMAN, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Go to turn on my xbox and starts making a racket!!! Then sez on start up, xbox needs servicing!!! Take it apart and the Hard Drive has shit itself. So now I have to consider chippin the old xbox and bigger, new hard drive or just put the money towards the 360!?! Any opinions?

  2. piss it off and get sumthin for the bike hehe
  3. Get a new 360...
  4. That sucks.

    Mine did that in the first week of owning it.... i found out the hard way how much time you can spend on saved games in one week.

    But i say upgrade and chip it! Get some "legit" movies and stick it on the hd. Its not that expensive, if you already have a decent PC then you don't need a massive hd in your xbox. 1 terabyte will suffice. OR whatever will fit in your budget. Not sure about the chipping though. Look into a soft mod, i think their might be some good ones around.

    I'm waiting a little while for the 360. I'm still getting my fun out of my current beast. Go BF2!
  5. 360 rocks

    Never thought I'd say that, but all I need now is a hi-def TV and I may die happpy!
  6. yer go the 360, its totally awesome
  7. i'll chip the box and stick a new large HDD full of stuff in it for $200 :wink: turns the xbox into a whole new system, you wont know how you managed to live with it as stock for all that time :LOL:

    wouldn't touch the 360 till someone gets up and develops a chip for it, seems pointless whenthe graphics on my telly are pretty much at their limit, the 360 cant do half the stuff my current box can and my PC will whoop a 360 anyways :p